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  • Book
    Lewis A. Hassell, Michael L. Talbert, Jane Pine Wood, editors.
    Section 1: Money and the Practice of Pathology
    Healthcare Finance and the Pathology Practice
    The Trend Outcomes, Accountable Care and Value-Based Purchasing
    Coding and Billing
    Revenue Cycle Management
    Applying the Knowledge
    Current Major Trends and Considerations for the Future
    Section 2: Financial Management of a Practice
    The Income Statement
    More Complex Arrangements
    Practice Sales and Mergers
    Section 3: Contracting
    Payor Contracts
    Hospital Contracts
    Pathologist Employment Contracts
    Section 4: Human Resources
    Human Resources (HR) Management
    Section 5: Pathology Group Issues
    Group Dynamics
    Section 6: Better Practice Management
    Skills and Tools for Better Practice Management
    Section 7: Managing Ricks and Opportunities
    Professional Liability Risk
    Corporate and General Liability
    Disaster Risks and Preparedness Planning
    Market and Valuation Risks
    Technologic and Regulatory Risks
    Opportunities and Entrepreneurism
    Identifying and Capitalizing on Opportunities
    Section 8: Looking Ahead
    The High Performing Practice into the Future
    Bringing It All Together
    Appendix A: Cases for Discussion
    Appendix B: You and Your Environment: Cases for Group Discussion.
    Digital Access Springer 2016