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    Hans-Ulrich Kauczor, Tobias Bäuerle, editors.
    Summary: Depending on their mechanism of action, the cytotoxic and targeted drugs and radiotherapy employed in oncologic treatment may cause complications and toxicities in many organ systems, with variable radiologic presentations. This comprehensive and excellently illustrated book covers the basics of therapy-induced complications and toxicities in oncologic patients, identifies their consequences for all the major organs, and describes the imaging of these impacts by means of the various radiologic modalities. By familiarizing radiologists with the most frequent and prominent toxicities that are recognizable on radiologic imaging following tumor therapy, it will facilitate identification of their early manifestations and permit differential diagnosis based on relevant findings.

    Part I: Basics of toxicity of tumor therapies: Chemotherapy and Targeted Therapy
    Part 2: Brain: Radiotherapy
    Part 3: Head and Neck: Head and Neck Therapy
    Part 4 Thorax, Lung and Breast: Breast: focus on Radiotherapy
    Lung: focus on Chemotherapy
    Part 5: Cardiovascular System
    Part 6: Pediatrics: Pediatric Including Survivorship
    Part 7: Pelvis and Genitourinary: Male
    Part 8. Bone Marrow and Spine: Radiotherapy, special focus myelon
    Part 9 Liver and Gastrointestinal
    Gastrointestinal Vilgrain
    Digital Access Springer 2015