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    Tohru Asai, Masami Ochi, Hitoshi Yokoyama, editors.
    1. OPCAB made in Japan, evidence on off-pump coronary artery bypass grafting from Japan
    2. Statistics of OPCAB in Japan
    3. Evidence in OPCAB, critical appraisal of recent RCT based on CABG in Japen
    4. Indication and safe strategy
    5. Approach
    6. Intraoperative management and anesthesia
    7. Controversy, volume load vs. vasopressor
    8. Urgent pump conversion, when does it occur and how can we prevent it?
    9. Exposure
    10. Stabilization
    11. Securing the distal anastomosis site, coronary artery occlusion, shunt, and blower
    12. Graft planning
    13. Controversy, composite grafts versus individual grafts
    14. Harvesting, tip and pitfalls
    15. Graft-coronary anastomosis in off-pump CABG
    16. Coronary endarterectomy and long onlay-patch grafting
    17. OPCAB proximal
    18. Intraoperative graft assessment OPCAB made in Japan
    19. Stroke
    20. Patient management OPCAB
    21. Redo operation
    22. Combined surgery (TAA, AAA, or cancer) concomitant or staged surgeries?
    23. Difficult heart
    24. Difficult corionary OPCAB made in Japan
    25. Off-pump CABG for patients with end-stage renal failure
    26. How do we teach off-pump surgery to the next generation?
    27. Hybrid approach (OPCAB+PCI/TAVI/Ddebranching TEVAR)
    28. Robotic surgery
    29. OPCAB combined regenerative surgery
    Digital Access Springer 2015