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    Alwin Krämer, Harald Löffler, editors.
    Summary: This book presents an up-to-date and thorough overview of cancer of unknown primary, encompassing topics ranging from epidemiology, tumor biology, and prognostic factors through to the most recent diagnostic and therapeutic advances. All aspects of management are covered, including radiological, nuclear medicine, and pathological diagnosis, site-specific therapies, platinum-based combination chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and novel targeted treatments. Clear guidance is offered on diagnosis of the tissue of origin by means of gene expression and micro-RNA analyses and its therapeutic implications. Detailed directions are also provided on the identification of subsets of patients with a more favorable prognosis, in whom specific treatment offers the chance of long-term survival or even cure. Readers will find Cancer of Unknown Primary to be an ideal source of practically oriented information that will assist in delivery of the best possible care for patients with this challenging diagnosis. .

    Introduction.- Epidemiology, risk factors and survival in CUP: pointers to disease mechanisms
    Biologic features of CUP
    Prognostic factors and their role in the management of CUP
    Diagnostic work-up of CUP
    an approach to current recommendations and underlying evidence
    The radiologist's approach to CUP
    Cancer of unknown primary: the pathologist's approach
    Treatment of disseminated CUP
    Concepts of radiotherapy in cancer of unknown primary
    Favorable subsets of CUP
    Novel Diagnostic and Therapeutic Strategies in the Management of Patients with Cancers of Unknown Primary Site
    Future directions.
    Digital Access Springer 2016