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    Ulrich Spandau, Mitrofanis Pavlidis.
    27G: Development of 27G
    Differences between 27G and 25G /23G
    Advantages. Tools for 27G: Devices
    Future Developments / Needs. Techniques for 27G: Endoillumination
    Usage of Vitreous Cutter
    Posterior Hyaloid Detachment
    Membrane Peeling
    Delamination of Diabetic Membranes
    PVR Treatment
    Hemostasis and Marking of Retinal Tears
    Laser Treatment
    Fluid Air Exchange. Surgical Indications: Non Combined Vitrectomy
    Combined Phaco Vitrectomy
    MICVIT (Microincisional Cataract / Vitrectomy)
    Vitrectomy for Floaters
    Macular Pucker
    Macular Hole
    Vitreomacular Traction
    Dropped Nucleous
    Combined 27G PPV + Secondary IOL implantation
    Retinal Detachement
    Diabetic Retinopathy
    Silicone Oil Tamponade
    Silicone Oil Extraction
    Pediatric Vitrectomy
    Vitrectomy for Long Eyes
    Hybrid Procedures.
    Digital Access Springer 2015