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    Terry F. Davies, editor.
    Digital : Springer2015
    1: Pituitary -- Overview: The role of medical therapy for secretory pituitary adenomas: current practices and new therapeutics -- Acromegaly, awareness is paramount for early diagnosis: highlights of diagnosis and treatment challenges -- A non-traumatic hip fracture in a young woman: Cushing's disease -- consequences of a late diagnosis and treatment highlights -- Section 2: Thyroid overactivity.- Introduction.- TSH-Secreting Pituitary.- Struma Ovarii.- Exogenous Thyrotoxicosis -- Section 3: Thyroid underactivity.- Thyroid Underactivity: Introduction.- Central Hypothyroidism.- Treatment of hypothyroidism -- Utility of adding T3 (liothyronine).- Hypothyroidism in Pregnancy -- Hypothyroid myopathy and thelogen effluvium -- Section 4: Thyroid cancer.- Introduction on Thyroid Chapters.- Approach to the Patient with an Incidentally Discovered Thyroid Nodule.- Papillary Thyroid Cancer.- Metastatic papillary thyroid cancer.- Management of Metastatic Medullary Thyroid Cancer.- Thyroid cancer and bone metastases -- Section 5: Adrenal.- Primary aldosteronism.- Adrenal Incidentaloma and Subclinical Hypercortisolism.- A Case of Pheochromocytoma -- Section 6: Hyperparathyroidism.- Introduction: Parathyroid Disorders -- Complex hyperparathyroidism.- Differential diagnosis of hypocalcemia.- Management of hypoparathyroidism.- Osteomalacia and primary hyperparathyroidism -- Section 7: Metabolic bone diseases -- Advances and challenges in the management of Osteoporosis.- Multiple Risk Factors for Osteoporosis and Fracture.- Delayed Diagnosis of Osteoporosis.- Misdiagnosis of atypical Femur Fractures -- Section 8: Endocrine Disorders of Men.- Introduction: Endocrine Disorders in Men.- Congenital Hypogonadotropic Hypogonadism.- Klinefelter Syndrome.- Low testosterone and the Metabolic Syndrome -- Section 9: Pregnancy.- Introduction: Endocrine Cases and Pregnancy.- Getting pregnant with PCOS.- Thyrotoxicosis in pregnancy.- Gestational diabetes -- Section 10: Diabetes.- Introduction: Type 2 Diabetes.- Evaluation and Management of the Newly-diagnosed Patient with Type 2 Diabetes.- Transition to Insulin in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes.- Inpatient management -- Section 11: Lipid abnormalities.- Introduction: On Lipids.- LDL-apheresis Therapy for Refractory Familial Hypercholesterolemia.- Familial type II Hyperlipoproteinemia (familial dysbetalipoproteinemia).- Severe hypertriglycideremia -- Section 12: Obesity.- Introduction -- Obesity and the metabolic syndrome.- Managing a metabolic syndrome case.- The Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS).- Bariatric Surgery.