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    E. Scott Sills, editor.
    The Development of PGD
    Elements of Informed Consent for Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis
    Follicular Recruitment & Oocyte Recovery in Assisted Reproduction
    Biomarker-based Flow-Cytometric Semen Analysis for Male Infertility Diagnostics and Clinical Decision Making in ART
    Comparison of Methods for Assessment of Sperm DNA Damage (Fragmentation) and Implications for the Assisted Reproductive Technologies
    Tweaking ICSI for a PGD program
    Comprehensive Chromosomal Screening from Polar Body Biopsy to Blastocyst Trophectoderm Sampling: Evidence and Considerations
    Polar Body Diagnosis
    An Alternative and Addition to Preimplantation Diagnosis
    Efficiency of Polar Body Biopsy for Aneuploidy Screening by DNA Microarray for Single Embryo Transfer
    Prediction of Embryo Viability by Morphokinetic Evaluation to Facilitate Single Transfer
    Comparison of PCR Techniques for Embryo Screening and Single Embryo Transfer
    Array CGH and Partial Genome Sequencing for Rapidly Karyotyping IVF Blastocysts Before Transfer
    Single Embryo Transfers Enabled by aCGH
    Current and Future Methodologies
    SNP array, qPCR, and next-generation sequencing based comprehensive chromosome screening
    Expanding PGD Applications to Non-traditional Genetic and Non-Genetic Conditions
    Should molecular cytogenetic techniques be applied to facilitate single embryo transfer in egg donation cases? Assessment of frequency and distribution of embryo aneuploidy after anonymous donor oocyte IVF
    Selecting the Single Embryo for Transfer in Mitochondrial Disorders
    Single Embryo Transfer: The Significance of the Embryo Transfer Technique
    The Vitrification Component: An Integral Part of a Successful eSET Program
    A Review of Luteal Support Protocols for Single Embryo Transfers
    Fresh and Frozen
    Cost effectiveness of single embryo transfers relative to higher embryo transfer policies in clinical practice: A population based analysis
    The Quebec experience
    One plus one equals two at once: Presenting cumulative pregnancy rates as the ideal outcome in elective SET programs
    Single Embryo Transfer in a State-Sponsored IVF Context: Current Experience from Israel
    Single Embryo Transfer: the Quebec Experience
    Regulatory Aspects of Embryo Testing: An American View
    Regulatory Challenges in Assisted Reproduction: A European Perspective
    Preimplantation Genetic Screening: Ethics & Policy
    Crossing Rubicons: Assisted Reproductive Therapies and Remaining Human.
    Digital Access Springer 2015