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    E. Scott Sills, editor.
    The Development of PGD -- Elements of Informed Consent for Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis -- Follicular Recruitment & Oocyte Recovery in Assisted Reproduction -- Biomarker-based Flow-Cytometric Semen Analysis for Male Infertility Diagnostics and Clinical Decision Making in ART -- Comparison of Methods for Assessment of Sperm DNA Damage (Fragmentation) and Implications for the Assisted Reproductive Technologies -- Tweaking ICSI for a PGD program -- Comprehensive Chromosomal Screening from Polar Body Biopsy to Blastocyst Trophectoderm Sampling: Evidence and Considerations -- Polar Body Diagnosis -- An Alternative and Addition to Preimplantation Diagnosis -- Efficiency of Polar Body Biopsy for Aneuploidy Screening by DNA Microarray for Single Embryo Transfer -- Prediction of Embryo Viability by Morphokinetic Evaluation to Facilitate Single Transfer -- Comparison of PCR Techniques for Embryo Screening and Single Embryo Transfer -- Array CGH and Partial Genome Sequencing for Rapidly Karyotyping IVF Blastocysts Before Transfer -- Single Embryo Transfers Enabled by aCGH -- Current and Future Methodologies -- SNP array, qPCR, and next-generation sequencing based comprehensive chromosome screening -- Expanding PGD Applications to Non-traditional Genetic and Non-Genetic Conditions -- Should molecular cytogenetic techniques be applied to facilitate single embryo transfer in egg donation cases? Assessment of frequency and distribution of embryo aneuploidy after anonymous donor oocyte IVF -- Selecting the Single Embryo for Transfer in Mitochondrial Disorders -- Single Embryo Transfer: The Significance of the Embryo Transfer Technique -- The Vitrification Component: An Integral Part of a Successful eSET Program -- A Review of Luteal Support Protocols for Single Embryo Transfers -- Fresh and Frozen -- Cost effectiveness of single embryo transfers relative to higher embryo transfer policies in clinical practice: A population based analysis -- The Quebec experience -- One plus one equals two at once: Presenting cumulative pregnancy rates as the ideal outcome in elective SET programs -- Single Embryo Transfer in a State-Sponsored IVF Context: Current Experience from Israel -- Single Embryo Transfer: the Quebec Experience -- Regulatory Aspects of Embryo Testing: An American View -- Regulatory Challenges in Assisted Reproduction: A European Perspective -- Preimplantation Genetic Screening: Ethics & Policy -- Crossing Rubicons: Assisted Reproductive Therapies and Remaining Human.
    Digital Access  Springer 2015