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    Susan Bridges, Lap Ki Chan, Cindy E. Hmelo-Silver, editors.
    How can e-learning support PBL groups? A systematic literature review
    How do students use their mobile devices in PBL?
    Are Wikipedia articles and YouTube videos reliable resources in problem-based learning curricula
    Peeking behind the curtain of PBL learning processes: An ethnographic study among medical students
    Video as context and conduit for problem-based learning
    PBL facilitation with interactive whiteboards: An interactional ethnography
    E-learning for e-health: Improving concepts to improve curriculum
    The deteriorating patient Smartphone app: Serious game design
    Mobile just-in-time situated learning resources for surgical clerkships
    Utilising mobile electronic health records in clinical education
    EEG and dental simulators indicate skill-learning pathways
    Impact of haptic simulation on dental student performance
    Opportunities of a virtual reality training environment in dental education
    Measuring emotions in medicine: Methodological and technological advances within authentic medical learning environments.
    Digital Access Springer 2016