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    edited by Xiaoyuan Chen, Stephen Wong.
    I: In vitro diagnostics. Cancer theranostics: an introduction -- Genomics-based cancer theranostics -- Proteomics-based theranostics -- II: Molecular imaging. Radionuclide imaging of cancer therapy -- Near-infrared fluorescence imaging probes for cancer diagnosis and treatment -- Bioluminescence imaging of cancer therapy -- Magnetic resonance imaging of cancer therapy -- Ultrasound imaging of cancer therapy -- Photoacoustic imaging for cancer diagnosis and therapy guidance -- III: Imaging-guided therapy. Multimodality image-guided lung intervention systems -- Label-free molecular vibrational imaging for cancer diagnosis -- Multimodality image-guided treatment -- Medical robotics for cellular and molecular imaging -- IV: Theranostic platforms. Porphyrins for imaging, photodynamic therapy, and photothermal therapy -- Magnetic resonance imaging and alternating magnetic fields -- Ultrasound for drug/gene delivery -- Radionuclides for imaging and therapy in oncology -- Noble metal nanoparticle platform -- Cancer theranostics with carbon-based nanoplatforms -- Silica nanoparticle platform -- Quantum dots for traceable therapeutic delivery -- Polymer- and protein-based nanotechnologies for cancer theranostics -- V: Other. Clinical translation and regulations of theranostics -- Scale-up production of theranostic nanoparticles -- Market considerations for nanomedicines and theranostic nanomedicines -- Application of theranostics to measure and treat cell heterogeneity in cancer.
    Digital Access  ScienceDirect 2015