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    edited by Xiaoyuan Chen, Stephen Wong.
    I: In vitro diagnostics. Cancer theranostics: an introduction
    Genomics-based cancer theranostics
    Proteomics-based theranostics
    II: Molecular imaging. Radionuclide imaging of cancer therapy
    Near-infrared fluorescence imaging probes for cancer diagnosis and treatment
    Bioluminescence imaging of cancer therapy
    Magnetic resonance imaging of cancer therapy
    Ultrasound imaging of cancer therapy
    Photoacoustic imaging for cancer diagnosis and therapy guidance
    III: Imaging-guided therapy. Multimodality image-guided lung intervention systems
    Label-free molecular vibrational imaging for cancer diagnosis
    Multimodality image-guided treatment
    Medical robotics for cellular and molecular imaging
    IV: Theranostic platforms. Porphyrins for imaging, photodynamic therapy, and photothermal therapy
    Magnetic resonance imaging and alternating magnetic fields
    Ultrasound for drug/gene delivery
    Radionuclides for imaging and therapy in oncology
    Noble metal nanoparticle platform
    Cancer theranostics with carbon-based nanoplatforms
    Silica nanoparticle platform
    Quantum dots for traceable therapeutic delivery
    Polymer- and protein-based nanotechnologies for cancer theranostics
    V: Other. Clinical translation and regulations of theranostics
    Scale-up production of theranostic nanoparticles
    Market considerations for nanomedicines and theranostic nanomedicines
    Application of theranostics to measure and treat cell heterogeneity in cancer.
    Digital Access ScienceDirect 2015