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    Stephen Feldman, JD, PhD.
    Finally, a video program to fulfill your CE requirement that is engaging, entertaining and informative. Also ideal for teaching and clinical trainings. The four lively vignettes include incisive commentary by Stephen Feldman, a renowned expert in the fields of both law and psychology. What better way to get your required CE credits! What's the difference between privilege and confidentiality? When are therapists allowed to break confidentiality and when are they required to? When can progress notes or confidential psychotherapy notes be subpoenaed as evidence in a trial? How does a therapist know when to break confidentiality to warn someone of potential danger? What exactly does "reasonable cause to suspect" mean when deciding whether to report child abuse? Is failing to report child abuse an ethical violation, or is it actually a crime? This comprehensive video course will answer all these questions and more. You'll learn how the laws impact your practice, as you watch these lively dramatizations of a judge and her law clerk discuss actual key cases in the creation of mental health laws including Tarasoff and Jaffe V. Redmond. As the judge debates both sides of the argument and makes her decisions, you'll see how court rulings became laws and how they impact clinical, ethical, legal and moral concerns. Keywords: legal, ethical, law, ethics, consulting, supervision, consult, Confidentiality, Privilege, Reporting, Duty, Warn, Counseling, counselling, Social Work, Social Worker, Therapy, Psychotherapy,, Therapist.--Supplied by publisher.