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    edited by Xue-Long Sun.
    Synthesis of chain-end functionalized glycopolymers via cyanoxyl-mediated free radical polymerization (CMFRP) / Valentinas Gruzdys ... [et al.]
    Protecting-group-free synthesis of well-defined glycopolymers featuring negatively charged oligosaccharides / Luca Albertin
    Glycopolymers prepared by ring-opening metathesis polymerization followed by glycoconjugation using a triazole-forming "click" reaction / Ronald Okoth and Amit Basu
    Protecting-group-free synthesis of glycopolymers and their binding assay with lectin and influenza virus / Tomonari Tanaka, Tadanobu Takahashi, and Takashi Suzuki
    Carbohydrate-based initiators for the cationic ring-opening polymerization of 2-Ethyl-2-Oxazoline / Christine Weber ... [et al.]
    Heterofunctional glycopolypeptides by combination of Thiol-Ene chemistry and NCA polymerization / Kai-Steffen Krannig and Helmut Schlaad
    Preparation of proteoglycan mimetic graft copolymers / Matt J. Kipper and Laura W. Place
    Galactosylated polymer nano-objects by polymerization-induced self-assembly, potential drug nanocarriers / Mona Semsarilar, Irene Canton, and Vincent Ladmiral
    Synthetic approach to biotinylated glyco-functionalized quantum dots : a new fluorescent probes for biomedical applications / Christian K. Adokoh, James Darkwa, and Ravin Narain
    Surface modification of polydivinylbenzene microspheres with a fluorinated glycopolymer using Thiol-Halogen click chemistry / Wentao Song and Anthony M. Granville
    Glycopolymer-grafted polymer particles for lectin recognition / Michinari Kohri, Tatsuo Taniguchi, and Keiki Kishikawa
    Synthesis of non-spherical glycopolymer-decorated nanoparticles : combing Thiol-ene with catecholic chemistry / Xiao Li, Weidong Zhang, and Gaojian Chen
    Synthetic approach to glycopolymer base nanoparticle gold(I) conjugate : a new generation of therapeutic agents / Christian K. Adokoh, James Darkwa, and Ravin Narain
    Multivalent glycopolymer-coated gold nanoparticles / Sarah-Jane Richards ... [et al.]
    Modulation of multivalent protein binding on surfaces by glycopolymer brush chemistry / Kai Yu ... [et al.]
    Oriented immobilized sialyloligo-macroligand microarray / Satya Nandana Narla and Xue-Long Sun
    Glycocalyx remodeling with glycopolymer-based proteoglycan mimetics / Mia L. Huang ... [et al.].
    Digital Access Springer 2015