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    edited by Frederic Devaux.
    Using RNA-seq for analysis of differential gene expression in fungal species / Can Wang ... [et al.] -- Enhancing structural annotation of yeast genomes with RNA-Seq data / Hugo Devillers, Nicolas Morin, and Cécile Neuvéglise -- Pathogen gene expression profiling during infection using a nanostring nCounter platform / Wenjie Xu ... [et al.] -- Comparative transcriptomics in yeasts / Dawn A. Thompson -- Mapping the transcriptome-wide landscape of RBP binding sites using gPAR-CLIP-seq : experimental procedures / Ting Han and John K. Kim -- Mapping the transcriptome-wide landscape of RBP binding sites using gPAR-CLIP-seq : bioinformatic analysis / Mallory A. Freeberg and John K. Kim -- Translation analysis at the genome scale by ribosome profiling / Agnès Baudin-Baillieu ... [et al. ] -- Biotin-genomic run-on (Bio-GRO) : a high-resolution method for the analysis of nascent transcription in yeast / Antonio Jordán-Pla ... [et al.] -- Genome-wide probing of RNA structures in vitro using nucleases and deep sequencing / Yue Wan ... [et al.] -- Genome-wide chromatin immunoprecipitation in Candida albicans and other yeasts / Matthew B. Lohse [et al.] -- ChIPseq in yeast species : from chromatin immunoprecipitation to high-throughput sequencing and bioinformatics data analyses / Gaëlle Lelandais, Corinne Blugeon, and Jawad Merhej -- Systematic determination of transcription factor DNA- binding specificities in yeast / Lourdes Peña-Castillo and Gwenael Badis -- Generation and analysis of chromosomal contact maps of yeast species / Axel Cournac ... [et al.] -- Versatile procedure to generate genome-wide spatiotemporal program of replication in yeast species / Nicolas Agier and Gilles Fischer -- Single-step affinity purification (ssAP) and mass spectrometry of macromolecular complexes in the yeast S. cerevisiae / Christian Trahan, Lisbeth-Carolina Aguilar, and Marlene Oeffinger -- Label-free quantitative proteomics in yeast / Thibaut Léger ... [et al.] -- Profiling of yeast lipids by shotgun lipidomics / Christian Klose and Kirill Tarasov -- Identification of links between cellular pathways by genetic interaction mapping (GIM) / Christophe Malabat and Cosmin Saveanu -- On the mapping of epistatic genetic interactions in natural isolates : combining classical genetics and genomics / Jing Hou and Joseph Schacherer -- Experimental evolution and resequencing analysis of yeast / Celia Payen and Maitreya J. Dunham -- Reconstruction and analysis of the evolution of modular transcriptional regulatory programs using arboretum / Sara A. Knaack, Dawn A. Thompson, and Sushmita Roy -- Predicting gene and genomic regulation in Saccharomyces cerevisiae, using the YEASTRACT database : a step-by-step guided analysis / Miguel C. Teixeira, Pedro T. Monteiro, and Isabel Sá-Correia.
    Digital Access  Springer 2015