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    edited by Marta Filizola
    Purification of stabilized GPCRs for structural and biophysical analyses / James C. Errey ... [et al.] -- Purification and crystallization of a thermostabilized agonist-bound conformation of the human adenosine A2A receptor / Christopher G. Tate and Guillaume Lebon -- 2D projection analysis of GPCR complexes by negative stain electron microscopy / Alys Peisley and Georgios Skiniotis -- Nuts and bolts of CF3 and CH3 NMR towards the understanding of conformational exchange of GPCRs / R. Scott Prosser and Tae Hun Kim -- Single-molecule fluorescence microscopy for the analysis of fast receptor dynamics / Julia Wagner ... [et al.] -- Quantitative multi-color detection strategies for bioorthogonally labeled GPCRs / Minyoung Park ... [et al.] -- Approaches to characterize and quantify oligomerization of GPCRs / Sara Marsango, María José Varela, and Graeme Milligan -- Monitoring G protein activation in cells with BRET / Ikuo Masuho, Kirill A. Martemyanov, and Nevin A. Lambert -- Use of fluorescence indicators in receptor ligands / Kaleeckal G. Harikumar and Laurence J. Miller -- Detection and quantification of intracellular signaling using FRET-based biosensors and high content imaging / Michelle L. Halls ... [et al.] -- Measurement of receptor signaling bias / Terry Kenakin -- Approaches to assess functional selectivity in GPCRs : evaluating G protein signaling in an endogenous environment / Laura M. Bohn, Lei Zhou, and Jo-Hao Ho -- Bioluminescence resonance energy transfer approaches to discover bias in GPCR signaling / Elizabeth K. M. Johnstone and Kevin D. G. Pfleger -- Virus-mediated expression of DREADDs for in vivo metabolic studies / Mario Rossi ... [et al.] -- High-throughput screening for allosteric modulators of GPCRs / Robert L. Bertekap Jr. ... [et al.] -- Radioligand binding assay for an exon 11-associated mu opioid receptor target / Gina F. Marrone, Susruta Majumdar, and Gavril W. Pasternak -- Docking and virtual screening strategies for GPCR drug discovery / Thijs Beuming ... [et al.] -- Dynamic process of drug-GPCR binding at either orthosteric or allosteric sites evaluated by metadynamics / Sebastian Schneider, Davide Provasi, and Marta Filizola -- Experiment-guided molecular modeling of protein-protein complexes involving GPCRs / Irina Kufareva, Tracy M. Handel, and Ruben Abagyan -- Interaction fingerprints and their applications to identify hot spots / Andrés F. Marmolejo ... [et al.].
    Digital Access  Springer 2015