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    edited by Jan Michiels and Maarten Fauvart.
    Historical perspective on bacterial persistence / Natalie Verstraeten ... [et al.]
    Persisters : methods for isolation and identifying contributing factors-a review / Sarah E. Rowe ... [et al.]
    General method for measuring persister levels in Escherichia coli cultures / Niilo Kaldalu ... [et al.]
    Optimized method for measuring persistence in Escherichia coli with improved reproducibility / F. Goormaghtigh and L. Van Melderen
    Microplate-based system as in vitro model of biofilm growth and quantification / Ilse Vandecandelaere, Heleen Van Acker, and Tom Coenye
    Protocol for determination of the persister subpopulation in Candida Albicans biofilms / Katrijn De Brucker ... [et al.]
    Quantitative measurements of type I and type II persisters using ScanLag / Irit Levin-Reisman and Nathalie Q. Balaban
    Analyzing persister physiology with fluorescence-activated cell sorting / Mehmet A. Orman ... [et al.]
    Single-cell detection and collection of persister bacteria in a directly accessible femtoliter droplet array / Ryota Iino ... [et al.]
    Whole-cell-based high-throughput screening method to identify molecules targeting Pseudomonas Aeruginosa persister cells / Veerle Liebens, Valerie Defraine, and Maarten Fauvart
    Functional analysis of the role of toxin-antitoxin (TA) loci in bacterial persistence / Aaron T. Butt and Richard W. Titball
    Experimental evolution of Escherichia coli persister levels using cyclic antibiotic treatments / Bram Van den Bergh, Joran E. Michiels, and Jan Michiels
    In vitro models for the study of the intracellular activity of antibiotics / Julien M. Buyck ... [et al.]
    Murine model for Escherichia coli urinary tract infection / Thomas J. Hannan and David A. Hunstad
    Analysis of macrophage-induced Salmonella persisters / Robert A. Fisher, Angela M. Cheverton, and Sophie Helaine
    Population dynamics analysis of ciprofloxacin-persistent S. Typhimurium cells in a mouse model for Salmonella diarrhea / Patrick Kaiser, Roland R. Regoes, and Wolf-Dietrich Hardt
    Computational methods to model persistence / Alexandra Vandervelde ... [et al.].
    Digital Access Springer 2016