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    edited by Dagmar B. Stengel, Solène Connan.
    Marine algae: A source of biomass for biotechnological applications
    Structure and function of macroalgal natural products
    Spectrophotometric assays of major compounds extracted from algae
    Extraction and enrichment of protein from red and green macroalgae
    Extraction and purification of r-phycoerythrin from marine red algae
    Extraction and analysis of mycosporine-like amino acids in marine algae
    Extraction and purification of phlorotannins from brown algae
    Enzyme-enhanced extraction of antioxidant ingredients from algae
    Microwave-assisted extraction of fucoidan from marine algae
    Extraction and analysis of oxylipins from macroalgae illustrated on the example gracilaria vermiculophylla
    Lipids and fatty acids in algae: Extraction, fractionation into lipid classes, and analysis by gas chromatography coupled with flame ionization detector (GC-FD)
    HRMAS NMR analysis of algae and identification of molecules of interest via conventional 1d and 2d nmr: Sample preparation and optimization of experimental conditions
    Extraction, purification, and NMR analysis of terpenes from brown algae
    Extraction, isolation, and identification of sesquiterpenes from laurencia species
    The use of HPLC for the characterization of phytoplankton pigments
    Characterization of phlorotannins from brown algae by lc-hrms
    Analysis of betaines from marine algae using lc-ms-ms
    Analysis of marine biotoxins using lc-ms/ms
    Fucoidan analysis by tandem maldi-tof and esi mass spectrometry
    Determination of substitution patterns of galactans from green seaweeds of the bryopsidales
    Structural characterization of a hybrid carrageenan-like sulfated galactan from a marine red alga furcellaria lumbricalis
    Characterization of alginates by nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) and vibrational spectroscopy (IR, NIR, RAMAN) in combination with chemometrics
    Imaging and identification of marine algal bioactive compounds by surface enhanced raman spectroscopy (SERS)
    In vitro protocols for measuring the antioxidant capacity of algal extracts
    Disk diffusion assay to assess the antimicrobial activity of marine algal extracts
    Screening of a marine algal extract for antifungal activities
    Protocol for assessing antifouling activities of macroalgal extracts.
    Digital Access Springer 2015