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    edited by Manuela Zaccolo.
    Simultaneous assessment of cAMP signaling events in different cellular compartments using FRET-based reporters / Alex Burdyga and Konstantinos Lefkimmiatis
    Recording intracellular cAMP levels with EPAC-based FRET sensors by fluorescence lifetime imaging / Marcel Raspe, Jeffrey Klarenbeek, and Kees Jalink
    Novel approach combining real-time imaging and the patch-clamp technique to calibrate FRET-based reporters for cAMP in their cellular microenvironment / Andreas Koschinski and Manuela Zaccolo
    Structure-based, in silico approaches for the development of novel cAMP FRET reporters / Matías Machado and Sergio Pantano
    Automated image analysis of FRET signals for subcellular cAMP quantification / Silas J. Leavesley [and others]
    Channel-based reporters for cAMP detection / Thomas C. Rich [and others]
    Imaging sub-plasma membrane cAMP dynamics with fluorescent translocation reporters / Anders Tengholm and Olof Idevall-Hagren
    Adenoviral transduction of FRET-based biosensors for cAMP in primary adult mouse cardiomyocytes / Oliver Lomas [and others]
    Generation of transgenic mice expressing FRET biosensors / Daniela Hübscher and Viacheslav O. Nikolaev
    Photoactivatable adenylyl cyclases (PACs) as a tool to study cAMP signaling in vivo : an overview / Marina Efetova and Martin Schwärzel
    Selective disruption of the AKAP signaling complexes / Eileen J. Kennedy and John D. Scott
    Screening for small molecule disruptors of AKAP-PKA interactions / Carolin Schächterle [and others]
    Structure-based bacteriophage screening for AKAP- selective PKA regulatory subunit variants / Ryan Walker-Gray and Matthew G. Gold
    Yeast-based high-throughput screen for modulators of phosphodiesterase activity / Ana Santos de Medeiros and Charles S. Hoffman
    Separation of PKA and PKG signaling nodes by chemical proteomics / Eleonora Corradini, Albert J.R. Heck, and Arjen Scholten
    Development of computational models of cAMP signaling / Susana R. Neves-Zaph and Roy S. Song.
    Digital Access Springer 2015