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    edited by Allan V. Kalueff, Adam Michael Stewart.
    Measuring larval Zebrafish behavior : locomotion, thigmotaxis, and startle / William H.J. Norton -- Light-dark preference test for larval Zebrafish / Peter J. Steenbergen, Michael K. Richardson, and Danielle L. Champagne -- Assessment of thigmotaxis in larval Zebrafish / Stephanie J. Schnorr [and others] -- Zebrafish and drug development : a behavioral assay system for probing nicotine function in larval Zebrafish / Henning Schneider [and others] -- Olfactory-evoked activity assay for larval Zebrafish / Ganive Bhinder and Keith B. Tierney -- Qualitative and quantitative measurements of the optokinetic response in larval Zebrafish / Kaspar P. Mueller and Stephan C.F. Neuhauss -- Automated imaging of visual recognition memory in larval Zebrafish / Ruth M. Colwill and Robbert Creton -- Automated conditioning in larval Zebrafish / Ruey-Kuang Cheng and Suresh Jesuthasan -- Methods to quantify basal and stress-induced cortisol response in larval Zebrafish / Peter J. Steenbergen [and others] -- Method for sorting Zebrafish on the exploratory-bold behavioral axis / Cory D. Sailer, Sonny J. Radenic, and Brian D. Wisenden -- Nocifensive behavior in adult and larval Zebrafish / Monica Gomes Lima [and others] -- Use of a split depth and visual cliff apparatus to measure the diving response in Zebrafish / Rachel Blaser and Kelly Goldsteinholm -- Adapting the open field test to assess anxiety-related behavior in Zebrafish / John Godwin [and others] -- Behavioral and pharmacological aspects of anxiety in the light/dark preference test / Juliana Araujo [and others] -- High-throughput and inexpensive assay for anxiety-related behaviors in the Zebrafish, based on place preference and latency to feed / Barrie D. Robison [and others] -- Automated Tracking of Zebrafish shoals and the analysis of shoaling behavior / Noam Miller and Robert Gerlai -- Assessing social behavior phenotypes in adult Zebrafish : shoaling, social preference, and mirror biting tests / Mimi Pham [and others] -- Measuring effects of psychostimulants on egocentric spatial learning and memory in adult Zebrafish / Rabia Nasir [and others] -- Cued fear conditioning in Zebrafish (Danio rerio) / Masakazu Agetsuma [and others] -- Assessing learning and memory through the active avoidance paradigm / Xiaojuan Xu and Stefan Goetz -- Assessing habituation phenotypes in adult Zebrafish : intra- and inter-trial habituation in the novel tank test / Jolia Raymond [and others] -- Assessing startle responses and their habituation in adult Zebrafish / Simon Chanin [and others] -- QTL mapping using behavioral traits in the adult Zebrafish / Dominic Wright -- Assessing epilepsy-related behavioral phenotypes in adult Zebrafish / Daniel Desmond [and others] -- Rapid method for acute intracerebroventricular injection in adult Zebrafish / Augusto Barbosa Junior [and others] -- Western blotting assay for Egr-1 immediate early gene in brain tissue of Zebrafish applied to neuroethological study / Augusto Barbosa Junior [and others] -- Utilizing the Zebrafish neurophenome project (ZNP) database for analyses of complex neurophenotypes in Zebrafish models / Ivan Zapolsky [and others].
    Digital Access  Springer 2012