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    edited by Sumitra Deb, Swati Palit Deb.
    Detecting and quantifying p53 isoforms at mRNA level in cell lines and tissues / Marie P. Khoury ... [et al.]
    Detecting p53 isoforms at protein level / Virginie Marcel ... [et al.]
    Autophagy, senescence, and apoptosis / Rachel W. Goehe ... [et al.]
    p53 and cell cycle effects after DNA damage / Emir Senturk and James J. Manfredi
    p53 ubiquitination and proteasomal degradation / Ian M. Love, Dingding Shi, and Steven R. Grossman
    Identification of p53 in mitochondria / Angelina V. Vaseva and Ute M. Moll
    Identification of novel mutant p53 interacting proteins by proteomic analysis / Sumitra Deb and Paul R. Graves
    Identification of small molecules affecting p53-MDM2/MDMX interaction by fluorescence polarization / Qi Zhang and Hua Lu
    Determine the effect of p53 on chemosensitivity / Emir Senturk and James J. Manfredi
    Measurement of chemosensitivity and growth rate in p53 expressing cells / Mahesh Ramamoorthy ... [et al.]
    Mutant p53 in cell adhesion and motility / W. Andrew Yeudall, Katharine H. Wrighton, and Sumitra Deb
    Use of the DNA fiber spreading technique to detect the effects of mutant p53 on DNA replication / Rebecca A. Frum, Sumitra Deb, and Swati Palit Deb
    Generation of p53-deficient induced pluripotent stem cells from mouse embryo fibroblasts / Evguenia M. Alexandrova and Ute M. Moll
    p53 actions on microRNA expression and maturation pathway / Hiroshi I. Suzuki and Kohei Miyazono
    Isolation and characterization of murine multipotent lung stem cells / Venkat S. Gadepalli, Catherine Vaughan, and Raj R. Rao
    Generation of p53 knock-down cell lines / Catherine Vaughan, Swati Palit Deb, and Sumitra Deb
    ChIP for identification of p53 responsive DNA promoters / Jun-Ming Liao and Hua Lu
    ChIP-on-chip to identify mutant p53 targets / Frauke Goeman, Giulia Fontemaggi, and Giovanni Blandino
    ChIP sequencing to identify p53 targets / Catherine Vaughan, Brad Windle, and Sumitra Deb.
    Digital Access Springer 2013