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  • Book
    edited by Jennifer J. Kohler, Steven M. Patrie.
    Digital : Springer2013
    Introduction to glycosylation and mass spectrometry / Steven M. Patrie, Michael J. Roth, and Jennifer J. Kohler -- PART I ENRICHMENT AND ISOLATION METHODS -- Tandem lectin weak affinity chromatography for glycoprotein enrichment / Zhi Yuan Ma, Yuliya Skorobogatko, and Keith Vosseller -- CSC technology: Selective labeling of glycoproteins by mild oxidation to phenotype cells / Andreas Hofmann, Damaris Bausch-Fluck, and Bernd Wollscheid -- Use of boronic acid nanoparticles in glycoprotein enrichment / Yawei Xu, Lijuan Zhang, and Haojie Lu -- Incorporation of unnatural sugars for the identification of glycoproteins / Balyn W. Zaro, Howard C. Hang, and Matthew R. Pratt -- Characterization of membrane-associated glycoproteins using lectin affinity chromatography and mass spectrometry / Yashu Liu, Jintang He, and David M. Lubman -- Sialic acid capture-and-release and LC-MS(n) analysis of glycopeptides / Jonas Nilsson and Göran Larson -- PART II SAMPLE PREPARATION -- In-solution digestion of glycoproteins for glycopeptide-based mass analysis / Eden P. Go, Kathryn R. Rebecchi, and Heather Desaire -- Nano-HPLC-MS of glycopeptides obtained after nonspecific proteolysis / Gerhild Zauner, Carolien A.M. Koeleman, André M. Deelder, and Manfred Wuhrer -- PART III SEPARATION METHODS -- Glycopeptide enrichment for MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry analysis by hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatography solid phase extraction (HILIC SPE) / Pia Hønnerup Jensen, Simon Mysling, Peter Højrup, and Ole Nørregaard Jensen -- Separation and identification of glycoforms by capillary electrophoresis with electrospray ionization mass spectrometric detection / Alina D. Zamfir, Corina Flangea, Alina Serb, Ana-Maria Zagrean, Andreas M. Rizzi, and Eugen Sisu -- Structural separations by ion mobility-MS for glycomics and glycoproteomics / Larissa S. Fenn and John A. McLean -- PART IV QUANTITATION METHODS -- Quantitative analysis of glycoprotein glycans / Ron Orlando -- Stable isotope labeling of N-glycosylated peptides by enzymatic deglycosylation for mass spectrometry-based glycoproteomics / Hiroyuki Kaji and Toshiaki Isobe -- Approaches for site mapping and quantification of o-linked glycopeptides / Peng Zhao, Stephanie H. Stalnaker, and Lance Wells -- Glycan profiling: Label-free analysis of glycoproteins / Yoshinao Wada -- PART V COMPUTATIONAL TOOLS -- Introduction to informatics in glycoprotein analysis / Kiyoko F. Aoki-Kinoshita -- Software tools for glycan profiling / Chuan-Yih Yu, Anoop Mayampurath, and Haixu Tang -- PART VI CASE STUDIES IN MASS SPECTROMETRY OF GLYCOPROTEINS -- Quantitative characterization of glycoproteins in neurodegenerative disorders using iTRAQ / Min Shi, Hyejin Hwang, and Jing Zhang -- Quantitative proteomic analysis of N-linked glycoproteins in human tear fluid / Lei Zhou and Roger W. Beuerman -- Elucidation of N-glycosites within human plasma glycoproteins for cancer biomarker discovery / Penelope Drake, Birgit Schilling, Brad Gibson, and Susan Fisher -- Characterizing the glycosylation state of therapeutic recombinant glycoproteins. / Nicole Samuels, David Kates, Jun Liu, and Joanne Severs.