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    edited by Alioscka A. Sousa, Michael J. Kruhlak.
    Introduction : nanoimaging techniques in biology / Alioscka A. Sousa and Michael J. Kruhlak
    Live-cell imaging of vesicle trafficking and divalent metal ions by total internal reflection fluorescence (TIRF) microscopy / Merewyn K. Loder, Takashi Tsuboi, and Guy A. Rutter
    4Pi microscopy / Roman Schmidt, Johann Engelhardt, and Marion Lang
    Fluorescence in situ hybridization applications for super-resolution 3D structured illumination microscopy / Yolanda Markaki [and others]
    Two-color STED imaging of synapses in living brain slices / Jan Tonnesen and U. Valentin Nagerl
    Super-resolution imaging by localization microscopy / Dylan M. Owen [and others]
    High-content super-resolution imaging of live cell by uPAINT / Gregory Giannone [and others]
    Super-resolution fluorescence imaging with blink microscopy / Christian Steinhauer, Michelle S. Itano, and Philip Tinnefeld
    Photoswitchable fluorophores for single-molecule localization microscopy / Kieran Finan, Benjamin Flottmann, and Mike Heilemann
    Single-molecule tracking of mRNA in living cells / Mai Yamagishi, Yoshitaka Shirasaki, and Takashi Funatsu
    Semiautomatic, high-throughput, high-resolution protocol for three-dimensional reconstruction of single particles in electron microscopy / Carlos Oscar Sorzano [and others]
    Mass mapping of amyloid fibrils in the electron microscope using STEM imaging / Alioscka A. Sousa and Richard D. Leapman
    Elemental mapping by electron energy loss spectroscopy in biology / Maria A. Aronova and Richard D. Leapman
    Cellular nanoimaging by cryo electron tomography / Roman I. Koning and Abraham J. Koster
    Large-volume reconstruction of brain tissue from high-resolution serial section images acquired by SEM-based scanning transmission electron microscopy / Masaaki Kuwajima, John M. Mendenhall, and Kristen M. Harris
    3D imaging of cells and tissues by focused ion beam/ scanning electron microscopy (FIB/SEM) / Damjana Drobne
    Preparation of gold nanocluster bioconjugates for electron microscopy / Christine L. Heinecke and Christopher J. Ackerson
    Atomic force microscopy imaging of macromolecular complexes / Sergio Santos, Daniel Billingsley, and Neil Thomson
    Imaging of transmembrane proteins directly incorporated within supported lipid bilayers using atomic force microscopy / Daniel Levy and Pierre-Emmanuel Milhiet
    Functional AFM imaging of cellular membranes using functionalized tips / Lilia A. Chtcheglova and Peter Hinterdorfer
    Near-field scanning optical microscopy for high-resolution membrane studies / Heath A. Huckabay [and others]
    Correlative fluorescence and EFTEM imaging of the organized components of the mammalian nucleus / Michael J. Kruhlak
    High data output method for 3-D correlative light-electron microscopy using ultrathin cryosections / Katia Cortese [and others]
    Correlative optical and scanning probe microscopies for mapping interactions at membranes / Christopher M. Yip
    Nanoimaging cells using soft x-ray tomography / Dilworth Y. Parkinson [and others]
    Secondary ion mass spectrometry imaging of biological membranes at high spatial resolution / Haley A. Klitzing, Peter K. Weber, and Mary L. Kraft.
    Digital Access Springer 2013