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    edited by Stuart N. Isaacs.
    Working safely with vaccinia virus : laboratory technique and review of published cases of accidental laboratory infections / Stuart N. Isaacs -- In-Fusion® cloning with vaccinia virus DNA polymerase / Chad R. Irwin, Andrew Farmer, David O. Willer, and David H. Evans -- Genetic manipulation of poxviruses using bacterial artificial chromosome recombineering / Matthew G. Cottingham -- Easy and efficient protocols for working with recombinant Vaccinia virus MVA / Melanie Kremer, Asisa Volz, Joost H.C.M. Kreijtz, Robert Fux, Michael H. Lehmann, and Gerd Sutter -- Isolation of recombinant MVA using F13L selection / Juana M. Sánchez-Puig, María M. Lorenzo, and Rafael Blasco -- Screening for vaccinia virus egress inhibitors : separation of IMV, IEV, and EEV / Chelsea M. Byrd and Dennis E. Hruby -- Imaging of vaccinia virus entry into HeLa cells / Cheng-Yen Huang and Wen Chang -- New method for the assessment of Molluscum contagiosum virus infectivity / Subuhi Sherwani, Niamh Blythe, Laura Farleigh, and Joachim J. Bugert -- An Intradermal model for vaccinia virus pathogenesis in mice / Leon C.W. Lin, Stewart A. Smith, and David C. Tscharke -- Measurements of vaccinia virus dissemination using whole body imaging : approaches for predicting of lethality in challenge models and testing of vaccines and antiviral treatments / Marina Zaitseva, Senta Kapnick, and Hana Golding -- Mousepox, a small animal model of smallpox / David Esteban, Scott Parker, Jill Schriewer, Hollyce Hartzler,and R. Mark Buller -- Analyzing CD8 T cells in mouse models of poxvirus infection / Inge E.A. Flesch, Yik Chun Wong, and David C. Tscharke -- Generation and characterization of monoclonal antibodies specific for vaccinia virus / Xiangzhi Meng and Yan Xiang -- Bioinformatics for analysis of poxvirus genomes / Melissa Da Silva and Chris Upton -- Antigen presentation assays to investigate uncharacterized immunoregulatory genes / Rachel L. Roper -- Characterization of poxvirus-encoded proteins that regulate innate immune signaling pathways / Florentina Rus, Kayla Morlock, Neal Silverman, Ngoc Pham, Girish J. Kotwal, and William L. Marshall -- Application of quartz crystal microbalance with dissipation monitoring technology for studying interactions of poxviral proteins with their ligands / Amod P. Kulkarni, Lauriston A. Kellaway, and Girish J. Kotwal -- Central nervous system distribution of the poxviral proteins after intranasal administration of proteins and titering of vaccinia virus in the brain after intracranial administration / Amod P. Kulkarni, Dhirendra Govender, Lauriston A. Kellaway, and Girish J. Kotwal
    Digital Access  Springer 2012