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    edited by Odyssé Michos.
    Dissecting and culturing and imaging the mouse urogenital system / Paul N. Riccio and Odyssé Michos -- In vitro culture of embryonic kidney rudiments and isolated ureteric buds / Xing Zhang, Kevin T. Bush, and Sanjay K. Nigam -- In vitro induction of nephrogenesis in mouse metanephric mesenchyme with lithium introduction and ureteric bud recombination / Kimmo Halt and Seppo Vainio -- Live imaging of the developing mouse mesonephros / David Grote, Michael Marcotte, and Maxime Bouchard -- Organotypic culture of the urogenital tract / Ekaterina Batourina [and others] -- Live imaging kidney development in zebrafish / Aleksandr Vasilyev and Iain A. Drummond -- Analysis of 3D branching pattern: Hematoxylin and eosin method / Sunder Sims-Lucas -- Three-dimensional imaging of fetal mouse kidneys / Deborah Hyink -- Analysis of native kidney structures in three dimensions / Kieran M. Short and Ian M. Smyth -- Estimating nephron number in the developing kidney using the physical disector/fractionator combination / Luise A. Cullen-McEwen [and others] -- An immunofluorescence method to analyze the proliferation status of individual nephron segments in the Xenopus pronephric kidney / Daniel Romaker, Bo Zhang, and Oliver Wessely -- Dissociation of embryonic kidney followed by re-aggregation as a method for chimeric analysis / Jamie A. Davies [and others] -- Analysis of migration in primary ureteric bud epithelial cells / Satu Kuure -- Investigating primary cilia in cultured metanephric mesenchymal cells / Lijun Chi and Norman Rosenblum -- Making immortalized cell lines from embryonic mouse kidney / Guanping Tai, Peter Hohenstein, and Jamie A. Davies -- Engineered tissues to quantify collective cell migration during morphogenesis / Sriram Manivannan, Jason P. Gleghorn, and Celeste M. Nelson -- Access and use of the GUDMAP database of genitourinary development / Jamies A. Davies [and others] -- Isolation of high quality RNA from embryonic kidney and cells / Shifaan Thowfeequ and Odyssé Michos -- Laser capture / S. Steven Potter and Eric W. Brunskill -- Use of in situ hybridization to examine gene expression in the embryonic, neonatal, and adult urogenital system / Bree A. Rumballe [and others] -- Detection of [beta]-galactosidase activity: X-gal staining / Sally F. Burn -- Fluorescent immunolabeling of embryonic kidney samples / Christina Debrián -- Immunohistochemical staining of dpERK staining during early kidney development / Xuan Chi and Odyssé Michos -- Sensing BMP pathway activity by immune detection of phosphorylated R-smad proteins in mouse embryonic kidney / Javier Lopez-Rios -- Analysis of in vivo transcription factor recruitment by chromatin immunoprecipitation of mouse embryonic kidney / Claire Heliot and Silvia Cereghini -- siRNA-mediated RNA interference in embryonic kidney organ culture / Jamie A. Davies and Mathieu Unbekandt -- Morpholino-mediated gene knockdown in mammalian organ culture / Alda Tufro -- Microinjection into the lumen of the ureteric tree / Christina Cebrián -- Renal delivery of adenovirus and antisense oligonucleotides in rats by retrograde renal vein injection / Guadalupe Ortiz-Muñoz [and others] -- Estimating total nephron number in the adult kidney using the physical disector/fractionator combination / Luise A. Cullen-McEwen, Rebecca N. Douglas-Denton, and John F. Bertram -- Assessing urinary tract defects in mice: methods to detect the presence of vesicoureteric reflux and urinary tract obstruction / Inga J. Murawski, Christine L. Watt, and Indra R. Gupta -- Ischemia-reperfusion injury of the mouse kidney / Leif Oxburgh and Mark P. de Caestecker -- Variable partial unilateral ureteral obstruction and its release in the neonatal and adult mouse / Barbara A. Thornhill and Robert L. Chevalier -- Urinary diversion via cutaneous vesicostomy in the megabladder mouse / Ashley R. Carpenter [and others] -- Ultrasound imaging of the murine kidney / Ashley R. Carpenter [and others].
    Digital Access  Springer 2012