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    Bogdan Czerniak.
    General considerations
    Clinical considerations and imaging of bone tumors / Colleen M. Costelloe and John E. Madewell
    Molecular biology of bone tumors
    Benign osteoblastic tumors
    Benign cartilage lesions
    Malignant cartilage tumors
    Fibroosseous lesions
    Fibrous and fibrohistiocytic lesions
    Giant-cell lesions
    Ewing's sarcoma and related entities
    Hematopoietic tumors / April Ewton
    Vascular lesions
    Neurogenous tumors and neurofibromatosis affecting bone / Gregory N. Fuller
    Cystic lesions
    Miscellaneous mesenchymal tumors
    Adamantinoma of long bone
    Chordoma and related lesions
    Metastic tumors in bone / John D. Reith
    Synovial lesions
    Sclerosing bone lesions
    Tumor-induced osteomalacia and rickets
    Reactive and metabolic conditions simulating neoplasms of bone
    Precancerous conditions.
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