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    edited by Yann Chevolot.
    Recent advances and future challenges in glycan microarray technology / José L. de Paz and Peter H. Seeberger -- Chemical synthesis of carbohydrates and their surface immobilization : a brief introduction / Daniel B. Werz -- General consideration on sialic acid chemistry / Hongzhi Cao and Xi Chen -- Synthesis of azido-functionalized carbohydrates for the design of glycoconjugates / Sami Cecioni [and others] -- Polypyrrole-oligosaccharide microarray for the measurement of biomolecular interactions by surface plasmon resonance imaging / Julia Bartoli, André Roget, and Thierry Livache -- Glycosylated self-assembled monolayers for arrays and surface analysis / Fang Cheng and Daniel M. Ratner -- Carbohydrate microarrays for enzymatic reactions and quantification of binding affinities for glycan-protein interactions / Myung-Ryul Lee, Sungjin Park, and Injae Shin -- Neoglycolipid-based oligosaccharide microarray system : preparation of NGLs and their noncovalent immobilization on nitrocellulose-coated glass slides for microarray analyses / Yan Liu [and others] -- Preparation of a mannose-6-phosphate glycan microarray through fluorescent derivatization, phosphorylation, and immobilization of natural high-mannose N-glycans and application in ligand identification of P-type lectins / Xuezheng Song [and others] -- Production of fluorous-based microarrays with uncharged carbohydrates / Sahana K. Nagapayya and Nicola L.B. Pohl -- General procedure for the synthesis of neoglycoproteins and immobilization on epoxide-modified glass slides / Yalong Zhang and Jeffrey C. Gildersleeve -- Immobilization of polyacrylamide-based glycoconjugates on solid phase in immunosorbent assays / Oxana E. Galanina [and others] -- Surface plasmon resonance imaging analysis of protein binding to a sialoside-based carbohydrate microarray / Matthew J. Linman [and others] -- Glycoarray by DNA-directed immobilization / Franc̦ois Morvan [and others] -- Fabrication of carbohydrate surfaces by using non-derivatised oligosaccharides / Jonathan Popplewell [and others] -- Polysaccharide microarrays : application to the identification of heparan sulphate mimetics / Julien Dheur [and others] -- Carbohydrate antigen microarrays / Denong Wang -- Probing virus-glycan interactions using glycan microarrays / Jamie Heimburg-Molinaro [and others] -- MALDI-ToF MS analysis of glycosyltransferase activities on gold surface arrays / Nicolas Laurent [and others] -- Microarray technology using glycans extracted from natural sources for serum antibody fluorescent detection / Emanuela Lonardi [and others] -- Studying modification of aminoglycoside antibiotics by resistance-causing enzymes via microarray / Matthew D. Disney -- Microarray method for the rapid detection of glycosaminoglycan-protein interactions / Claude J. Rogers and Linda C. Hsieh-Wilson -- Neoglycolipid-based "designer" oligosaccharide microarrays to define [beta]-glucan ligands for Dectin-1 / Angelina S. Palma [and others] -- Measurement of antibodies to pneumococcal polysaccharides with luminex xMAP microsphere-based liquid arrays / Jerry W. Pickering and Harry R. Hill -- Carbohydrate microarrays in 96-well polystyrene microtiter plates / Jean-Philippe Ebran, Nabil Dendane, and Oleg Melnyk -- Photoimmobilization of saccharides / Gregory T. Carroll and Denong Wang -- Microwave-assisted method for fabrication of carbohydrate cluster microarrays on 3-dimensional hydrazide-dendrimer substrate / Xichun Zhou, Jian Zhang, and Denong Wang -- Combinatorial glycoarray / Simon Rinaldi, Kathryn M. Brennan, and Hugh J. Willison.
    Digital Access  Springer 2012