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    edited by Jonathan P. Rast, James W.D. Booth.
    Screening for ligands of c-type lectin-like receptors / Elwira Pyz and Gordon D. Brown -- Yeast surface display of lamprey variable lymphocyte receptors / Gang Xu, Satoshi Tasumi, and Zeev Pancer -- Identification of scavenger receptor ligands / Claudine Neyen, Annette Pluddemann, and Siamon Gordon -- Construction, expression, and purification of chimeric protein reagents based on immunoglobulin Fc regions / John P. Cannon, Marci O'Driscoll, and Gary W. Litman -- Innate immune receptors for nucleic acids / Andrea Stutz, Damien Bertheloot, and Eicke Latz -- Analysis of receptor-ligand interactions by surface plasmon resonance / Kimiko Kuroki and Katsumi Maenaka -- Cell-based reporter assay to analyze activation of Nod1 and Nod2 / Birte Zurek, Harald Bielig, and Thomas A. Kufer -- Determining FceRI diffusional dynamics via single quantum dot tracking / Diane S. Lidke [and others] -- Ratiometric analysis of subcellular recruitment of Fc receptors during phagocytosis / Patricia Mero and James W.D. Booth -- Assessment of the recycling of the membrane-bound chemokine, CX3CL1 / Sajedabanu Patel, Ilya Mukovozov, and Lisa A. Robinson -- Measuring immune receptor mobility by fluorescence recovery after photobleaching / Kristen Silver and Rene E. Harrison -- Probing the plasma membrane structure of immune cells through the analysis of membrane sheets by electron microscopy / Bjorn F. Lillemeier and Mark M. Davis -- Rapamycin-based inducible translocation systems for studying phagocytosis / Michal Bohdanowicz and Gregory D. Fairn -- Micropatterned ligand arrays to study spatial regulation in Fc receptor signaling / Alexis J. Torres, David Holowka, and Barbara A. Baird -- CELLISA : reporter cell-based immunization and screening of hybridomas specific for cell surface antigens / Peter Chen, Aruz Mesci, and James R. Carlyle -- Use of colloidal silica-beads for the isolation of cell-surface proteins for mass spectrometry-based proteomics / Yunee Kim [and others] -- Transfection-based genomic readout for identifying rare transcriptional splice variants / Larry J. Dishaw [and others] -- Characterizing somatic hypermutation and gene conversion in the chicken DT40 cell system / Nagarama Kothapalli and Sebastian D. Fugmann -- Characterizing immune receptors from new genome sequences / Katherine M. Buckley and Jonathan P. Rast.
    Digital Access  Springer 2011