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    edited by Carlos Fernández-Llatas, Juan Miguel García-Gómez.
    Actigraphy pattern analysis for outpatient monitoring / Elies Fuster-Garcia ... [et al.]
    Definition of loss functions for learning from imbalanced data to minimize evaluation metrics / Juan Miguel Garcia-Gómez and Salvador Tortajada
    Audit method suited for DSS in clinical environment / Javier Vicente
    Incremental logistic regression for customizing automatic diagnostic models / Salvador Tortajada, Montserrat Robles, and Juan Miguel Garcia-Gómez
    Using process mining for automatic support of clinical pathways design / Carlos Fernandez-Llatas ... [et al.]
    Analyzing complex patients' temporal histories : new frontiers in temporal data mining / Lucia Sacchi, Arianna Dagliati, and Riccardo Bellazzi
    Snow system : a decentralized medical data processing system / Johan Gustav Bellika, Torje Starbo Henriksen, and Kassaye Yitbarek Yigzaw
    Data mining for pulsing the emotion on the web / Jose Enrique Borras- Morell
    Introduction on health recommender systems / C. L. Sanchez-Bocanegra, F. Sanchez-Laguna, and J. L. Sevillano
    Cloud computing for context-aware enhanced m-health services / Carlos Fernandez-Llatas ... [et al.]
    Analysis of speech-based measures for detecting and monitoring alzheimer's disease / A. Khodabakhsh and C. Demiroglu
    Applying data mining for the analysis of breast cancer data / Der-Ming Liou and Wei-Pin Chang
    Mining data when technology is applied to support patients and professional on the control of chronic diseases : the experience of the METABO platform for diabetes management / Giuseppe Fico ... [et al.]
    Data analysis in cardiac arrhythmias / Miguel Rodrigo ... [et al.]
    Knowledge-based personal health system to empower outpatients of diabetes mellitus by means of P4 medicine / Adrián Bresó ... [et al.]
    Serious games for elderly continuous monitoring / Lenin-G. Lemus-Zúñiga ... [et al.].
    Digital Access Springer 2015