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    edited by Bernhard F. Gibbs, Franco H. Falcone.
    Paradigm shifts in mast cell and basophil biology and function : an emerging view of immune regulation in health and disease / Ana Olivera and Juan Rivera -- Purification of basophils from peripheral human blood / Franco H. Falcone and Bernhard F. Gibbs -- Mast cell purification protocols / Jasmine Farrington , Elizabeth P. Seward , and Peter T. Peachell -- Generation of a human allergic mast cell phenotype from CD133+ stem cells / Hans Jürgen Hoffmann -- Generation of mast cells from murine stem cell progenitors / Emily J. Swindle -- Integration of the human dermal mast cell into the organotypic co-culture skin model / Jonghui Kim [and four others] -- The absolute basophil count / Elena Borzova and Clemens A. Dahinden -- Mast cell and basophil cell lines : a compendium / Egle Passante -- Detection of mast cells and basophils by immunohistochemistry / Andrew F. Walls and Cornelia Amalinei -- Measuring histamine and cytokine release from basophils and mast cells / Bettina M. Jensen, Sidsel Falkencrone, and Per S. Skov -- Flow cytometric allergy diagnosis : basophil activation techniques / Chris H. Bridts [and five others] -- Microscopy assays for evaluation of mast cell migration and chemotaxis / Monika Bambousková [and three others] -- Use of humanized rat basophil leukemia (RBL) reporter systems for detection of allergen-specific IgE sensitization in human serum / Daniel Wan [and four others] -- Gene silencing approaches in mast cells and primary human basophils / Vadim V. Sumbayev and Bernhard F. Gibbs -- Basophil stimulation and signaling pathways / Edward F. Knol and Bernhard F. Gibbs -- Identification and immunophenotypic characterization of normal and pathological mast cells / José Mário Morgado [and three others] -- Identification of murine basophils by flow cytometry and histology / Christian Schwartz and David Voehringer -- Mast cell-mediated reactions in vivo / Vladimir Andrey Giménez-Rivera , Martin Metz, and Frank Siebenhaar.
    Digital Access  Springer 2014