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    edited by Rajat K. De, Namrata Tomar.
    Part I: Immunoinformatics: transition from basic biology to informatics -- 1. A brief outline of the immune system / Namrata Tomar and Rajat K. De -- 2. Crosstalk between the metabolic and immune systems / Namrata Tomar and Rajat K. De -- 3. Immunoinformatics: a brief review / Namrata Tomar and Rajat K. De -- Part II: Databases -- 4. Immunoinformatics of the V, C and G domains: IMGT® definitive system for IG, TR and IgSF, MH and MhSF / Marie-Paule Lefranc -- 5. IMGT/HLA and the immuno polymorphism database / James Robinson, Jason A. Halliwell, and Steven G.E. Marsh -- 6. Databases for T-cell epitopes / Chun-Wei Tung -- 7. Databases for B-cell epitopes / Juan Liu and Wen Zhang -- 8. Antigen-Antibody Interaction Database (AgAbDb): a compendium of antigen-antibody interactions / Urmila Kulkarni-Kale, Snehal Raskar-Renuse, Girija Natekar-Kalantre, and Smita A. Saxena -- 9. Allergen databases / Gaurab Sircar, Debasree Sarkar, Swati Gupta Bhattacharya, and Sudipto Saha -- Part III: Tools for prediction -- 10. Prediction of conformational B-cell epitopes / Wen Zhang, Yanqing Niu, Yi Xiong, and Meng Ke -- 11. Computational prediction of B cell epitopes from antigen sequences / Jianzhao Gao and Lukasz Kurgan -- 12. Machine learning based methods for prediction of linear B-cell epitopes / Hsin-Wei Wang and Tun-Wen Pai -- 13. Mimotope-based prediction of B-cell epitopes / Jian Huang, Bifung He, and Peng Zhou -- 14. Hybrid methods for B-cell epitope prediction: approaches to the development and utilization of computational tools for practical applications / Salvador Eugenio C. Caoili -- 15. Building classifier ensembles for B-cell epitope prediction / Yasser El-Manzalawy and Vasant Honavar -- 16. Multiplex peptide-based B-cell epitope mapping / Sanne M.M. Hensen, Merel Derksen, and Ger J.M. Pruijn -- 17. Classification of Human Leukocyte Antigen (HLA) supertypes / Mingjun Wang and Mogens H. Claesson -- 18. Customized predictions of peptide-MHC binding and T-cell epitopes using EPIMHC / Magdalena Molero-Abraham, Esther M. Lafuente, and Pedro Reche -- 19. T-cell epitope prediction methods: an overview / Dattatraya V. Desai and Urmila Kulkarni-Kale -- 20. Computational antigenic epitope prediction by calculating electrostatic desolvation penalties of protein surfaces / Sebastien Fiorucci and Martin Zacharias -- 21. In silico prediction of allergenic proteins / Gaurab Sircar, Bodhisattwa Saha, Swati Gupta Bhattacharya, and Sudipto Saha -- 22. Prediction of virulence factors using bioinformatics approaches / Rupanjali Chaudhuri and Srinivasan Ramachandran -- Part IV: Systems biology approaches in immunoinformatics -- 23. A systems biology approach to study systemic inflammation / Bor-Sen Chen and Chia-Chou Wu -- 24. Procedures for mucosal immunization and analyses of cellular immune response to candidate HIV vaccines in murine and nonhuman primate models / Shailbala Singh, Pramod Nehete, Patrick Hanley, Bharti Nehete, Guojun Yang, Hong He, Scott M. Anthony, Kimberly Schluns, and K. Jagannadha Sastry -- 25. Immunoinformatics and systems biology in personalized medicine / Guillermo Lopez-Campos, Jesús F. Bermejo-Martin, Raquel Almansa, and Fernando Martin-Sanchez -- Part V: Applications of immunoinformatics -- 26. The role of small RNAs in vaccination / Ajeet Chaudhary and Sunil Kumar Mukherjee -- 27. Structure-based clustering of Major Histocompatibility Complex (MHC) proteins for broad-based T-cell vaccine design / Joo Chuan Tong, Tin Wee Tan, and Shoba Ranganathan -- 28. Immunoinformatics, molecular modeling, and cancer vaccines / Seema Mishra and Subrata Sinha -- 29. Investigating host pathogen behavior and their interaction using genome-scale metabolic network models / Priyanka P. Sadhukhan and Anu Raghunathan -- 30. Mathematical models of HIV replication and pathogenesis / Dominik Wodarz.
    Digital Access  Springer 2014