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    edited by Milica Radisic, Lauren D. Black III.
    Second generation codon optimized minicircle (CoMiC) for nonviral reprogramming of human adult fibroblasts / Sebastian Diecke ... [and 3 others]
    Scalable cardiac differentiation of human pluripotent stem cells as microwell-generated, size controlled three-dimensional aggregates / Celine L. Bauwens and Mark D. Ungrin
    Preparation and characterization of circulating angiogenic cells for tissue engineering applications / Aleksandra Ostojic ... [and 4 others]
    Isolation and expansion of C-kit-positive cardiac progenitor cells by magnetic cell sorting / Kristin M. French and Michael E. Davis
    Synthesis of aliphatic polyester hydrogel for cardiac tissue engineering / Sanjiv Dhingra, Richard D. Weisel, and Ren-Ke Li
    Fabrication of PEGylated fibrinogen : a versatile injectable hydrogel biomaterial / Iris Mironi-Harpaz, Alexandra Berdichevski, and Dror Seliktar
    Natural cardiac extracellular matrix hydrogels for cultivation of human stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes / Donald O. Freytes ... [and 4 others]
    Magnetically actuated alginate scaffold : a novel platform for promoting tissue organization and vascularization / Yulia Sapir ... [and 3 others.]
    Shrink-induced biomimetic wrinkled substrates for functional cardiac cell alignment and culture / Nicole Mendoza ... [and 4 others]
    Injectable ECM scaffolds for cardiac repair / Todd D. Johnson, Rebecca L. Braden, and Karen L. Christman
    Generation of strip-format fibrin-based engineered heart tissue (EHT) / Sebastian Schaaf ... [and 5 others.]
    Cell tri-culture for cardiac vascularization / Ayelet Lesman, Lior Gepstein, and Shulamit Levenberg
    Cell sheet technology for cardiac tissue engineering / Yuji Haraguchi ... [and 8 others]
    Design and fabrication of biological wires / Jason W. Miklas ... [and 3 others]
    Collagen-based engineered heart muscle / Malte Tiburcy ... [and 3 others]
    Creation of a bioreactor for the application of variable amplitude mechanical stimulation of fibrin gel-based engineered cardiac tissue / Kathy Y. Morgan and Lauren D. Black III
    Preparation of acellular myocardial scaffolds with well- preserved cardiomyocyte lacunae, and method for applying mechanical and electrical simulation to tissue construct / Bo Wang ... [and 3 others]
    Patch-clamp technique in ESC-derived cardiomyocytes / Jie Liu and Peter H. Backx
    Optogenetic control of cardiomyocytes via viral delivery / Christina M. Ambrosi and Emilia Entcheva
    Methods for assessing the electromechanical integration of human pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiomyocyte grafts / Wei-Zhong Zhu ... [and 3 others]
    Quantifying electrical interactions between cardiomyocytes and other cells in micropatterned cell pairs / Hung Nguyen ... [and 4 others].
    Digital Access Springer 2014