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    edited by Narendra Wajapeyee.
    Genome-Wide Mapping Of RNA Pol-II Promoter Usage In Mouse Tissues By Chip-Seq -- Using Native Chromatin Immunoprecipitation To Interrogate Histone Variant Protein Deposition In Embryonic Stem Cells -- Reduced Representation Bisulfite Sequencing To Identify Global Alteration In The DNA Methylation -- A High-Throughput Microrna Expression Profiling System -- Using Pooled Mir30-Shrna Library For Cancer Lethal And Synthetic Lethal Screens -- Genome-Wide RNA Interference Screening To Identify Regulators Of Epigenetic Silencing Of A Tumor Suppressor Gene -- A Diphtheria Toxin Negative Selection In RNA Interference Screening -- Cancer Metabolism: Crosstalk Between Signaling And O-Glcnacylation -- Targeted Genome Modification Via Triple Helix Formation -- Synthesis Of Stabilized Alpha-Helical Peptides -- Arginine-Grafted Biodegradable Polymer: A Versatile Transfection Reagent For Both DNA And Sirna -- Using Laco Arrays To Monitor DNA Double-Strand Break Dynamics In Live Schizosaccharomyces Pombe Cells -- Zebrafish As A Platform To Study Tumor Progression -- Clonal Screens To Find Modifiers Of Partially Penetrant Phenotypes In C. Elegans -- Serum Profiling Using Protein Microarrays To Identify Disease Related Antigens -- Interrogation Of In Vivo Protein-Protein Interactions Using Transgenic Mouse Models And Stable Isotope Labeling -- New Biophysical Methods To Study The Membrane Activity Of Bcl-2 Proteins -- Purification Of Recombinant 2XMBP Tagged Human Proteins From Human Cells -- Computational Analysis In Cancer Exome Sequencing -- Matrix Factorization Methods For Integrative Cancer Genomics -- Computational Methods For DNA Copy-Number Analysis Of Tumors.
    Digital Access  Springer 2014