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    edited by Narendra Wajapeyee.
    Genome-Wide Mapping Of RNA Pol-II Promoter Usage In Mouse Tissues By Chip-Seq
    Using Native Chromatin Immunoprecipitation To Interrogate Histone Variant Protein Deposition In Embryonic Stem Cells
    Reduced Representation Bisulfite Sequencing To Identify Global Alteration In The DNA Methylation
    A High-Throughput Microrna Expression Profiling System
    Using Pooled Mir30-Shrna Library For Cancer Lethal And Synthetic Lethal Screens
    Genome-Wide RNA Interference Screening To Identify Regulators Of Epigenetic Silencing Of A Tumor Suppressor Gene
    A Diphtheria Toxin Negative Selection In RNA Interference Screening
    Cancer Metabolism: Crosstalk Between Signaling And O-Glcnacylation
    Targeted Genome Modification Via Triple Helix Formation
    Synthesis Of Stabilized Alpha-Helical Peptides
    Arginine-Grafted Biodegradable Polymer: A Versatile Transfection Reagent For Both DNA And Sirna
    Using Laco Arrays To Monitor DNA Double-Strand Break Dynamics In Live Schizosaccharomyces Pombe Cells
    Zebrafish As A Platform To Study Tumor Progression
    Clonal Screens To Find Modifiers Of Partially Penetrant Phenotypes In C. Elegans
    Serum Profiling Using Protein Microarrays To Identify Disease Related Antigens
    Interrogation Of In Vivo Protein-Protein Interactions Using Transgenic Mouse Models And Stable Isotope Labeling
    New Biophysical Methods To Study The Membrane Activity Of Bcl-2 Proteins
    Purification Of Recombinant 2XMBP Tagged Human Proteins From Human Cells
    Computational Analysis In Cancer Exome Sequencing
    Matrix Factorization Methods For Integrative Cancer Genomics
    Computational Methods For DNA Copy-Number Analysis Of Tumors.
    Digital Access Springer 2014