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    edited by Shulin Li, Department of Pediatrics, ... Show More The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX, USA, Jeffry Cutrera, Department of Pediatrics, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX, USA, Richard Heller, Old Dominion University, Frank Reidy Center for Biolectrics, Norfolk, VA, USA, Justin Teissie, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Institut de Pharmacologie et de Biollogie structurale, Toulouse, France, Université de Toulouse, UPS, IPBS Toulouse, France.
    1. Electroporation-based gene therapy; recent evolution in the mechanism description and technology developments / Lluis M. Mir
    2. Electropermeabilization of the cell membrane / Justin Teissie
    3. The impact of non-electrical factors on electrical gene transfer / Jiemino Hu, Jeffry Cutrera, and Shulin Li
    4. Electroporation formulation for cell therapy / Jiemiao Hu and Shulin Li
    5. Short-fragment DNA-mediated in vivo DNA electroporation delivery / Jinliang Peng, Yonggang Zhao and Yuhong Xu
    6. Gold nanoparticle-enhanced electroporation for leukemia cell transfection / Shuyan Huang, Yingbo Zu and Shengnian Wang
    7. siRNA delivery via electropulsation: a review of the basic processes / Muriel Golzio and Justin Teissie
    8. Continuous cell electroporation for efficient DNA and siRNA delivery based on laminar microfluidic chips / Zewen Wei and Zhihong Li
    9. Electroporation of siRNA into mouse bone marrow-derived macrophages and dendritic cells / Isabel Siegert, Valentin Schatz, Alexander T. Prechtel, Alexander Steinkasserer, Christian Bogdan and Jonathan Jantsch
    10. Directo imaging of siRNA electrotransfer at the single-cell level / Justin Teissie and Muriel Golzio
    11. Electroporation mediated siRNA delivery into tumors / Yashifumi Takei
    12. Substrate-mediated, high-efficiency siRNA electroporation / Hiroyuki Fujimato and Hiroo Iwata
    13. Intradermal electroporation / Maria L. Knudsen, Karl Ljungberg, Peter Liljeström and Daniel X. Johansson
    14. Delivery of DNA into the central nerous system via electroporation / Jochen De Vry, Tim Vanmierlo, Pilar Martínez-Martínez, Mario Losen, Yasin Temel, Harry Steinbusch, Marc De Baets and Jos Prickaerts
    15. DNA delivery in adult mouse eyes: an update with corneal outcomes / John M. Nickerson, Shannon E. Getz, Jana T. Sellers, Micah A. Chrenek, Penny Goodman, Christiana J. Bernal and Jeffrey H. Boatright
    16. Delivery of plasmid DNA into dental tissues of developing rat teeth by electroporation / Shaomian Yao, Michael L. Beckley and Dawen Liu
    17. Electroporation-mediated gene delivery to the lungs / Jennifer L. Young, Michael S. Barravecchia and David A. Dean
    18. Electroporation-mediated delivery of genes in rodent models of lung contusion / David Machado-Aranda and Krishnan Raghavendran
    19. In vivo electroporation-mediated gene delivery to the beating heart / Hendrik T. Tevaearai, Amiq Gazdhar, Marie-Noëlle Giraud and Martin Flück
    20. Managing local swelling following intratumoral electro-chemo-gene therapy / Jeffry Cutrera, Glenn King, Pamela Jones, Elias Gumpel, Xueqing Xia and Shulin Li
    21. Gene electrotransfer in clinical trials / Julie Gehl
    22. Electrochemotherapy in veterinary oncology: from rescue to first line therapy / Enrico P. Spugnini and Alfonso Baldi
    23. Low-energy DC current ablation in a mouse tumor model / Prejesh Philips, Yan Li and Robert C.G. Martin II
    24. Evolution of electroporated DNA vaccines / Andrea M. Keane-Myers and Matt Bell
    25. Clinical development of intramuscular electroporation: providing a "boost" for DNA vaccines / Amir S. Khan, Kate E. Broderick and Niranian Y. Sardesai
    26. Electroporation-mediated administration of candidate DNA vaccines against HIV -1 / Sandhya Vasan
    27. Electroporation-mediated intradermal delivery of DNA vaccines in nonhuman primates / Lucille Adam, Roger Le Grand and Fré́déric Martinon
    28. Intramuscular DNA vaccination protocols mediated by electric fields / Pieranna Chiarella and Emanuela Signori
    29. DNA electroporation of multi-agent vaccines conferring protection against select agent challenge: TriGrid delivery system / Andrea M. Keane-Myers, Matt Bell, Drew Hannaman and Mark Albrecht
    30. Gene-based vaccination and screening methods to develop monoclonal antibodies / M. Pirouz Daftarian, Aram Vosoughi and Vance Lemmon.
    Digital Access Springer 2014