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    edited by Noam Shomron.
    Introduction to high-throughput sequencing experiments : design and bioinformatics analysis / Rachelly Normand and Itai Yanai
    Compressing resequencing data with GReEn / Armando J. Pinho, Diogo Pratas, and Sara P. Garcia
    On the accuracy of short read mapping / Peter Menzel ... [et al.]
    Statistical modeling of coverage in high-throughput data / David Golan and Saharon Rosset
    Assembly algorithms for deep sequencing data : basics and pitfalls / Nitzan Kol and Noam Shomron
    Short read mapping for exome sequencing / Xueya Zhou ... [et al.]
    Profiling short tandem repeats from short reads / Melissa Gymrek and Yaniv Erlich
    Exome sequencing analysis : a guide to disease variant detection / Ofer Isakov, Marie Perrone, and Noam Shomron
    Identifying RNA editing sites in miRNAs by deep sequencing / Shahar Alon and Eli Eisenberg
    Identifying differential alternative splicing events from RNA sequencing data using RNASeq-MATS / Juw Won Park ... [et al.]
    Optimizing detection of transcription factor-binding sites in ChIP-seq experiments / Aleksi Kallio and Laura L. Elo
    Statistical analysis of ChIP-seq data with MOSAiCS / Guannan Sun ... [et al.]
    Detection of reverse transcriptase termination sites using cDNA ligation and massive parallel sequencing / Lukasz J. Kielpinski ... [et al.].
    Digital Access Springer 2013