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    Anne C La Flamme, Jacqueline Montique Orian editors.
    The role of HLA in MS susceptibility and phenotype
    Sex-based differences in multiple sclerosis (Part I): biology of disease incidence
    Sex-based difference in multiple sclerosis (MS): Part II: rising incidence of multiple sclerosis in women and the vulnerability of men to progression of this disease
    The role of environment and lifestyle in determining the risk of multiple sclerosis
    Evidence for an association between Vitamin D and multiple sclerosis
    Photoimmunology and multiple sclerosis
    Modelling MS: chronic-relapsing EAE in the NOD/Lt mouse strain
    Developing biomarkers for MS
    Helminth Therapy for MS
    Self-assembling peptides form immune suppressive amyloid fibrils effective in autoimmune encephalomyelitis
    Digital Access Springer 2015