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    John D. Lambris, Kristina N. Ekdahl, Daniel Ricklin, Bo Nilsson, editors.
    1. Thromboinflammation in therapeutic medicine
    2. Complement interactions with blood cells, endothelial cells and microvesicles in thrombotic and inflammatory conditions
    3. Role of complement on broken surfaces after trauma
    4. Complement involvement in periodontitis: molecular mechanisms and rational therapeutic approaches
    5. The lectin pathway of complement and biocompatibility
    6. Foreign body reaction to subcutaneous implants
    7. Molecular characterization of macrophage-biomaterial interactions
    8. Heparan sulfate proteoglycan metabolism and the fate of grafted tissues
    9. Xenotransplantation of cells, tissues, organs and the Greman research foundation Transregio Collaborative Research Centre 127
    10. Macroencapsulated pig islets correct induced diabetes in primates up to 6 months
    11. Regulation of instant blood mediated inflammatory reaction (IBMIR) in pancreatic islet xeno-transplantation: points for therapeutic interventions
    12. Cell surface engineering for reguation of immune reactions in cell therapy
    13. Complement interception across humoral incompatibility in solid organ transplantation: a clinical perspective
    Digital Access Springer 2015