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    volume editors, Olivier Michielin, George Coukos.
    Immunotherapies in early and advanced renal cell cancer / Kasenda, B., Larkin, J., Gore, M.
    Immunotherapy of brain tumors / Dutoit, V., Migliorini, D., Walker, P.R., Dietrich, P.-Y.
    Immunotherapy of melanoma / Snyder, A., Zamarin, D., Wolchok, J.D.
    Immunotherapy of breast cancer / Criscitiello, C., Curigliano, G.
    Current developments in actively personalized cancer vaccination with a focus on RNA as the drug format / Diken, M., Kreiter, S., Kloke, B., Sahin, U.
    Immune checkpoint inhibitors / Haanen, J.B.A.G., Robert, C.
    Radiotherapy and immunotherapy : improving cancer treatment through synergy / Reynders, K., De Ruysscher, D.
    Combinations therapies / Reinmuth, N., Reck, M.
    Promise of immunotherapy in lung cancer / Shanker, A., Dikov, M.M., Carbone, D.P.
    T cell engineering / Pircher, M., Schirrmann, T., Petrausch, U.
    Digital Access Karger 2015