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    [edited by] Robert S. Hoffman, Mary Ann Howland, Neal A. Lewin, Lewis S. Nelson, Lewis R. Goldfrank ; editor emeritus Neal E. Flomenbaum.
    Pt. A: The general approach to medical toxicology
    Pt. B: The fundamental principles of medical toxicology
    Sect. I: Biochemcial and molecular basis
    Sect. II: Pathophysiologic basis: organ systems
    Sect. III: Special populations
    Pt. C: The clinical basis of medical toxicology
    Sect. I: A: Analgesics and antinflammatory medications
    B: Food, diet, and nutrition
    C: Pharmaceuticals
    D: Antimicrobials
    E: Cardiopulmonary medications
    F: Anesthetics and related medications
    G: Psychotropics
    H: Substances of abuse
    I: Metals
    J: Household products
    K: Pesticides
    L: Natural toxins and envenomations
    M: Occupational and environmental toxins
    N: Disaster preparedness
    Sect. II: Poison centers and epidemiology.