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    Emily S. Jungheim, editor.
    Introduction to Obesity and Fertility
    Obesity and the HPO axis
    Childhood and Adolescent Obesity: Implications for Reproductive Health and Function
    Nutrition in Human Fertility
    Preconceptional Obesity and Fetal Outcomes?Transdisciplinary Evidence for Obesity?s Effects on Fertility
    Fertility Treatment Outcomes in Obese Women
    Early Pregnancy in Obese Women
    Obesity in Pregnancy
    Contraceptive Counseling in Obese Women
    Obesity and Ovarian Aging (Diminished Ovarian Reserve and Menopause)
    Obesity, Reproductive Outcomes, and Access to Infertility Treatments: A Clinical and Ethical Debate
    Surgical Interventions and Reproductive Function in Obese Women
    Conclusions: Establishing an Ethically and Medically Sound Framework for Integrating BMI Limits Into Infertility Care for Obese Women.
    Digital Access Springer 2015