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    Eiji Itoi, Guillermo Arce, Gregory I. Bain, Ronald L. Diercks, Dan Guttmann, Andreas B. Imhoff, Augustus D. Mazzocca, Hiroyuki Sugaya, Yon-Sik Yoo, editors.
    Classification and Epidemiology: Classification of Stiff Shoulder
    Epidemiology. Etiology: Idiopathic
    Post Cuff Repair
    Post Instability Repair
    Other Post Surgical
    Other Causes (Cuff Disease, Impingement, Osteoarthritis, heterotopic ossification, etc). Anatomy and Biomechanics: Anatomy Related to the Range of Motion
    Biomechanics Related to the Range of Motion
    Rotator Interval and Stiffness. Examinations: Pathophysiology: Histology and Laboratory Tests
    Clinical Symptoms
    Physical Examinations
    Imaging. Conservative Treatment: Natural Course
    Conservative Treatment. Surgical Treatment: MUA
    Arthroscopic Release
    Postop. Rehabilitation Program
    Reported Outcomes and Results: What should we and the patient expect?.
    Digital Access Springer 2015