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    Debra S. Heller.
    1. Getting the best answer: specimen handling and a quick review of the workings of the pathology laboratory
    2. Normal histology of the female genital tract
    3. Diseases of the vulva and anal neoplasia
    4. Diseases of the vagina and urethra
    5. Diseases of the cervix
    6. Diseases of the endometrium
    7. Diseases of the myometrium
    8. Diseases of the fallopian tube
    9. Diseaes of the ovary
    10. Diseases of the broad ligaments and peritoneum
    11. Pathology of the female genital tract related to pregnancy
    12. Pathology of the placenta
    13. Gestational trophoblastic neoplasia
    14. Gynecologic cytology
    Digital Access Springer 2015