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    Pierre Le Béguec, François Canovas, Olivier Roche, Mathias Goldschild, Julien Batard.
    Part I: Press-Fit Concept
    Uncemented Concepts: Parameters to Make a Choice
    The Press-Fit Concept: Principles and Press-Fittable Zones
    The Press-Fit Concept: Practical Application
    The Press-Fit Concept: Implants And Instruments
    Part II: Preoperative Planning
    Radiographic Analysis Of The Femur
    Selection of a Strategy
    Making a Preoperative Template
    Part III: Surgical Technique
    Trochantero-Diaphyseal Femoral Flap
    Femoral Flap and Diaphyseal Primary Fixation
    Endofemoral Approach and Proximal Primary Fixation
    Part IV: Evaluation of the Radiographic Results
    General Considerations
    A-Evaluation of the Radiographic Results ? How?
    Evaluation of Initial and Secondary Bone Stock
    Evaluation of Osseointegration and Secondary Stability
    Global Radiographic Score
    Comparative Elements with the Engh Score
    Part V: Evaluation of the Radiographic Results
    The Learning Curve and its Teachings
    Different Types of Primary Stability: Their Impact on the Radiographic Results
    Degree of Osteoporosis: Its Impact on the Radiographic Results
    Affected Initial Bone Stock: Its Impact on the Radiographic Results
    Parameters to Improve Radiographic Results
    Complications and Contraindications
    Numerical Evaluation and Comparative Analysis of Results
    General Conclusions: What You Should and What You Should not Do.
    Digital Access Springer 2015