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    Sohan Singh Hayreh.
    Summary: This book provides a comprehensive account of the pathogenesis, clinical features, and management of ocular vascular occlusive disorders, with the focus very much on the scientific evidence. This offers a sound basis for addressing the many controversies that surround these disorders, which collectively constitute the most common cause of visual impairment or blindness. The book is divided into two sections, the first of which addresses the basic science and encompasses vascular anatomy, blood supply and flow, and retinal tolerance time to acute ischemia. The second, clinical, section covers the presentation, clinical features, diagnosis, and treatment of the full range of vascular occlusive disorders of the retina, the choroid, the anterior segment of the eye, ophthalmic manifestations of carotid artery disease and the optic nerve. ℗ℓ In writing Ocular Vascular Occlusive Disorders, the author has drawn upon more than 55 years of experience in basic and clinical research. The book will be an invaluable source of information for general ophthalmologists, and particularly for retina specialists, neuro-ophthalmologists, and researchers. It is hoped that it will go far in rectifying the lack of in-depth scientific understanding that is the source of many misapprehensions and debates.

    BASIC SCIENCES: Ophthalmic artery
    Central retinal artery
    Cilioretinal artery
    Posterior ciliary arteries
    Orbital veins
    Retinal capillaries
    Optic nerve head blood supply
    Anterior segment blood supply
    Blood-retinal barrier
    Blood flow
    Retinal tolerance time to acute ischemia. CLINICAL SCIENCES: Clinical evaluation of patients with ocular vascular occlusive disorders
    Central retinal artery occlusion
    Branch retinal artery occlusion
    Cilioretinal artery occlusion
    Hemicentral retinal artery occlusion
    Cotton-wool spots
    Posterior ciliary artery occlusion
    Anterior segment ischemia
    Optic nerve head ischemia
    Ophthalmic manifestations of carotid artery disease
    Central retinal vein occlusion
    Hemi-central retinal vein occlusion
    Branch retinal vein occlusion
    Vortex vein occlusion
    Hypertensive fundus changes
    Amaurosis fugax in ocular vascular occlusive disorders. .
    Digital Access Springer 2015