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    Charalambos Panayiotou Charalambous.
    Summary: The transition from medical school to being a practicing junior doctor is challenging. It requires knowledge and clinical skills but also the ability to efficiently function in the workplace. At the same time postgraduate professional development in gaining clinical experience, passing postgraduate exams, under-taking research or audit, and publishing become essential for career progression. One soon realizes that being a doctor is not just a profession but a way of life. This book presents some well-known ℓ́ℓpearlsℓ́ℓ as how to improve your day to day workplace performance, be efficiently productive, be an inherent part of the team, how to shine and impress. Advice is also given as how to prepare for postgraduate exams, develop essential technical skills, apply for the next post, successfully participate in research and audit, publish, manage, lead, teach, and train. This generic guidance can be of use for those aspiring to become a generalist or subspecialty doctor and can be of value in whichever part of the world you end up practicing in.

    Part I Workplace
    Be time efficient
    Become part of the team
    Let known what you do
    Stick to a system
    Give leading answers
    Respect seniors
    Respect each attachment
    Rights but also obligations
    It?s ok to say you don?t know
    When in doubt ask
    First impressions matter
    Part II Developing Technical skills
    Make it easy
    Learn from the best
    Practice makes better
    Have a plan B
    Part III Passing postgraduate Exams
    Passing written exams.- Passing clinical exams
    How to prepare
    When to sit them
    Part IV Research
    When to undertake research
    How to choose a research supervisor
    What project?.
    Digital Access Springer 2015