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    Grigoris F. Grimbizis [and more], editors.
    Part 1: basics
    1. Normal embryological development of the female genital tract
    2. Pathogenesis and aetiology of female genital malformations
    3. Implantation in women with uterine congenital malformations
    4. Classification of female genital malformations.-Part 2: Screening and diagnosis of female genital malformations
    5. Hysterosalpingography
    6. 2D Ultrasound and sonohysterography for the diagnosis of Female Genital Anomalies
    7. 3D Ultrasound
    8. Magnetic resonance imaging for the Diagnosis of Female Genital Anomalies
    9. Diagnosis of Uterine Congenital Anomalies: Endoscopy
    10. Current Work-Up for Screening And Diagnosing Female Genital Malformations
    Part 3: Clinical implications of the female genital malformations
    11. Prevalence in the general and selected populations
    12. Health problems related to female genital malformations: obstructive and complex anomalies
    13. Fertility in women with uterine anomalies
    14. Pregnancy outcome in women with uterine anomalies
    15. Cervical Weakness in women who have uterine anomalies: Impact on pregnancy outcomes.- Part 4: Treatment of vaginal aplasia / techniques and results
    16. Frank dilators
    17. Vulvo-Perineoplasty Creatsas Vaginoplasty
    18. Neovagina formation with expansion of vaginal vault
    19. Neovagina formation with the use of peritoneum
    20. Neovagina formation with the use of bowel
    21. Vaginal Aplasia: Critical Overview of Available Treatment Options
    Part 5: Treatment of obstructive anomalies
    22. Vaginal septae and imperforate hymen
    23. Treatment of Obstructing Anomalies: Cervical aplasia
    24. Treatment of Patients with Non-communicating Horns with Cavity
    Part 6: Treatment of uterine malformations
    25. T-shaped uterus
    26. Septum resection: Techniques and Post-Treatment Reproductive Performance
    27. Bicorporeal uterus: treatment options
    28. Bicorporeal Uterus: Laparoscopic Metroplasty
    Part 7: Disorders of sex development
    29. Disorders of Sex Development: Classification and Treatment.
    Digital Access Springer 2015