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    Nima Rezaei, editor.
    Summary: Cancer Immunology is intended as an up-to-date, clinically relevant review of cancer immunology and immunotherapy. The rapid flow of studies in the field of cancer immunology during the last decade has increased our understanding of the interactions between the immune system and cancerous cells. In particular, it is now well known that such interactions result in the induction of epigenetic changes in cancerous cells and the selection of less immunogenic clones as well as alterations in immune responses. Understanding the cross-talk between nascent transformed cells and cells of the immune system has led to the development of combinatorial immunotherapeutic strategies to combat cancer. This volume is focused on interactions between cancerous cells and various components of the innate and adaptive immune system are fully described. Notably, the principal focus is very much on clinical aspects, the aim being to educate clinicians on the clinical implications of the most recent findings and novel developments in the field. This is to be hoped that this translational book will be comprehensible, cogent and of special value for researchers and clinicians who wish to extend their knowledge on cancer immunology.

    Introduction on cancer immunology and immunotherapy
    Inflammatory and innate immune cells in cancer microenvironment and progression
    Role of innate immunity in cancers and antitumor response
    Role of B cells in anti tumor response
    The role of exhaustion in tumor-induced T cell dysfunction in patients with cancer
    Regulatory T cells and Th17 cells in the immunosuppressive tumor network
    Role of cytokines in tumor immunity and immune tolerance to cancers
    Role of chemokines and chemokine receptors in cancers
    The role of Fas and Fas-ligand in cancers
    MHC class I molecules and cancer progression: Lessons learned from preclinical tumor models
    Role of plasmacytoid dendritic cells in cancer
    Cancer immunoediting: immunosurveillance, immuneequilibrium, and immune escape
    Apoptosis, autophagy and necroptosis in Cancer
    Prognostic value of innate and adaptive immunity in cancers
    Epigenetics and Micro RNAs in cancers
    Immunogenetics of cancers
    Immunodeficiencies and cancers
    Immunosenescence and cancers
    Nutrition, immunity and cancers
    Allergies and cancers
    Cancer immunology of transmissible cancers
    Systems biology and systems immunology of cancer
    Principles of immunological diagnostic tests for cancers
    Flow cytometry in cancer immunotherapy: applications, analysis, quality control and future
    Immunohistochemistry of cancers
    Immunology and immunotherapy of graft versus host disease. .
    Digital Access Springer 2015