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    Birgit Kumbrink.
    Summary: K-taping in theory - the special elastic tape's properties, basic principles and effects -- fundamentals of k-tape application -- contraindications. K-taping in practice -- the four major application techniques (muscle, ligament, correction, lymph applications), each described in detail and illustrated with a clinical case -- 70 particularly common medical conditions, and their treatment using k-tape applications -- each technique illustrated in up to six full-color photos and anatomical drawings -- concise step-by-step instruction, covering the specifics of each medical condition, plus additional practical tips -- memo boxes, summarizing the main points to remember.

    1. The k-taping method. From theory to therapeutic methodology
    the elastic stretch k-tape
    indications of inadequate tape quality
    tape with pharmaceutically active ingredients
    user and areas of application
    training for k-taping therapists
    basic functions and effects of k-taping
    improvement of muscle function
    elimination of circulatory impairments
    pain reduction
    support of joint function
    application and removal of the tape
    color theory
    references. 2. The four applications. Muscle applications
    muscle function
    mode of action of the k-taping
    executing the application
    ligament application
    ligament applications (Ligamenta)
    ligament application for tendons
    corrective applications
    functional correction
    fascia correction
    lymphatic applications
    causes of lymphostasis
    mode of action of lymphatic applications
    references. 3. Muscle applications. Muscle applications for the upper extremities
    biceps brachii
    tricepts brachii
    extensor carpi radialis longus muscle
    muscle applications for the trunk
    pectoralis minor
    pectoralis major
    rectus abdominis
    external oblique
    internal oblique
    intrinsic back musculature (erector spinae), application for the lumbar region
    muscle application for the lower extremities
    abductor longus
    rectus femoris
    biceps femoris
    gluteus maximus
    tibiallis anterior
    extensor halluscis longus
    references. 4. Ligament applications. Ligaments and tendons
    collateral ligaments of the knee
    patellar ligament
    achilles tendon
    lateral collateral ligaments of the ankle joint
    special form of ligament application: spacetape
    spacetape pain point
    spacetape trigger point
    references. 5. Corrective applications. Functional correlation
    patella correction
    spinous process correction
    fascia correction
    fascia correction of iliotibial tract
    inflammation of the superficial pes anserinus
    frontal headache
    anterior shoulder instability
    hallux valgus. 6. Applications for specific indications. Head
    temporomandibular joint
    thoracic outlet syndrome (TOS)
    Lumbar Vertebral Syndrome (LVS)
    Micturition disorder
    menstrual disorders
    uterine prolapse
    scar tape
    upper extermities
    impingement syndrome
    bicepts tendonitis
    carpal tunnel sydrome (CTS)
    Wrist stabilization
    finger contusion
    lower extremities
    hip problems
    torn muscle fibers
    osteoarthritis of the knee joint
    ankle joint distortion
    splayfoot, fallen arch, and flatfoot. 7. Lymphatic applications. Upper extremities
    drainage of medial upper arm
    drainage of lateral upper arm
    drainage of forearm/entire arm
    drainage of hand
    protein fibrosis (stemmer sign) in the hand
    drainage using the arm spiral tape
    lower extremities
    drainage of the thigh
    drainage of the lower leg/entire leg
    drainage of the entire leg
    drainage of the foot
    stemmer sign in the foot
    drainage using the leg spiral tape
    drainage of upper trunk quadrant
    drainage of lower trunk quadrant I
    drainage of lower trunk quadrant II
    drainage of abdoment
    additional lymphatic applications
    drainage of face
    drainage of shoulder joint
    drainage of knee joint
    fibrosis/hematoma. 8. Neurological applications. Nervus medianus
    nervus radialis
    nervus ulnaris
    nervus ischiadicus
    nervus trigeminus
    facial paresis
    extention of the finger
    extension of the hand
    rotation of the upper arm
    colonic support
    abdominal spiral
    fecal incontinence
    references. 9. Gynecological applications. Abdominal support
    cross-tape antenatal preparation
    breast engorgement
    transverse muscles (postnatal)
    lymph application>>Mama<<-- postural correction.
    Digital Access Springer 2014