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    Joel Faintuch, Salomão Faintuch, editors.
    Summary: This timely and clinically oriented book uniquely addresses the entire spectrum of treatment for severe obesity and diabetes. It thoroughly examines all aspects from robotic surgery to cell therapy, from the latest antidiabetic drugs to endoscopic procedures and devices, from appetite-inhibiting signals and nutrients to gastric arterial embolization. It offers objective and authoritative information for practicing professionals; not only are successful interventions discussed and updated, but cutting-edge and experimental pathways are also anticipated. Obesity is the foremost nutritional challenge worldwide. Its companion is type-2 diabetes, the most prevalent metabolic disease. Together they represent the diabesity epidemic, which is draining resources, overwhelming healthcare facilities, and impacting life expectancy and quality of life everywhere. No country has been spared, and most medical specialties have been affected. Many books focus on the surgical options for obesity and diabetes, namely bariatric and metabolic operations. Information on the clinical and pharmacological treatment is also available, conveyed by standard texts on internal medicine and endocrinology. Yet endoscopic maneuvers and prostheses, cell therapy for diabetes, and other innovative approaches are hard to come by, as conventional texts overlook such therapies. This timely publication bridges the gaps between all different therapeutic options, also covering advances in the conservative, surgical and parasurgical domains. This book will appeal to seasoned specialists, students and healthcare professionals in training alike.

    The Dual Problem of Obesity and Diabetes: Old Problems Die Hard
    Cost of Obesity Recurrence
    Recent Trends in Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery
    Perspectives of Robotic Bariatric Surgery
    Sleeve Gastrectomy and Transit Bipartition
    Surgical Options in Type 2 Diabetes
    Endoscopic Therapeutic Options for Type 2 Diabetes
    Ileal Transposition Surgery: Mechanisms of Weight Loss and Diabetes Improvements
    Left Gastric Artery Embolization to Treat Obesity: Rationale, Technique, Experimental and Clinical Studies
    Pharmacologic Approach to Type 2 Diabetes in Obese Patients
    Peripheral Signals and Food Intake Control
    Appetite-Inhibiting Properties of Proteins
    Cell Therapy for Diabetes
    Stem Cells Derived Insulin-Secreting Cells for Insulin-Dependent Diabetes Mellitus: Exploiting Laboratory Discoveries.
    Digital Access Springer 2015