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    David A. Schulsinger, editor.
    Summary: This practical guide helps readers take charge of their health and explores the best ways to eliminate this painful disease. Kidney Stone Disease: Say NO to Stones! looks at the formation and prevention of the four major types of kidney stones, explores several different treatment options including open surgery and provides guidance on what to expect before, during and after treatment. Case histories are found at the end of each chapter to guide the reader on the different types of treatment appropriate for specific conditions. Written by a team of experts in the field, Kidney Stone Disease: Say NO to Stones! includes the latest information on risk factors, dietary and lifestyle choices, as well as state-of-the-art treatments.

    Section A. My personal encounter with the Medical Profession, Surgery and Pain
    1. Room #2: The test I could not study for
    2. Visiting the other side: The roller coaster ride continues!
    Section B. The significance of Stone Disease
    3. The Urinary Tract: The Inside Story!
    4. Rock of Ages: Stones have stood the test of time!
    5. Facts and Figures: Stones by the numbers!
    6. Urinary Tract Stones: From the invisible to the clearly distinct and discernible stone!
    7 Stone Characteristics: Not all stones are created equal!.- Section C. Risk factors, Risk Group
    8. Metabolic and Hereditary Factors: Are you stone prone?
    9. The Stone Belt
    10. Sex and Stones: Sex and stones may break your bones, but water will not harm you!
    11. Pregnancy and Stones: Stubborn Stone Situations
    12. Children and Elderly with Stones: Stones for the Ages!
    13. Obesity and stones: Losing the waist is more than weight!
    Section D. The Work-up
    14. Symptoms: Listen to how your stone is communicating with you!
    15. The incidental Stone- It may not be so insignificant!
    16. Stone Disease Imaging: There is more to x-rays than what we see!
    Section E. Treatment
    17. Who, what, where and when to treat: Who should be my Urologist? Pick your doc to break your rock!
    18. Meeting your expectations: What to anticipate before, during and after treatment!
    19. Medical Therapy: Mind your Medicines!
    20.The Surgical Procedure: No Doc, No Shock!
    21. Treatment of Complex Stones: Location, Location, Location!
    22. Ureteral Stents: To stent or not to stent, that is a great question!
    23. Managing your pre-operative and post-operative pain
    Section F. Prevention
    24. Stop the Stones! Necessary tests to determine your risk for stones
    25. Hydration: Why we drink, when to drink, what to drink, and how much to drink, that is the question!
    26. Complimentary Medicine: A Natural and Healthy approach to Stone Prevention
    27. Nutrition Recommendations to Prevent Kidney Stones: Realistic dietary goals and expectations
    28. Diet Fads and Stones: Is your diet all cracked up to what it is supposed to be?
    29. Maintain control: Managing your expectations!
    Section G. Bonus
    30. Update: What is new on the horizon.- 31. Special Stone Stories
    32. Billing, Coding and Your Stone: What the Patient should know!
    33. ObamaCare and your stone: Good news, bad news!.
    Digital Access Springer 2015