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    edited by Harjit Singh, Janet A. Neutze, Jonathan R. Enterline.
    Summary: This book is a concise introduction to the dynamic field of radiology and provides readers with general examples and brief discussions of basic radiographic principles. Introductory chapters present fundamental scientific concepts underlying the medical use of imaging modalities and technology, including ultrasound, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, and nuclear medicine. Subsequent chapters are organized by anatomic region and imaging modality that highlight the radiologist?s role in diagnosing and treating common disorders. This revised edition is thoroughly updated and includes new or expanded chapters on nuclear medicine and pediatric radiology. Radiology Fundamentals, Fifth Edition, is a premier self-directed learning resource for medical students, non-radiology housestaff, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, radiologist assistants and other allied health professionals.

    Part 1. Introductory Section
    Chapter 1. Radiation Safety and Risk
    Chapter 2. Introduction to Radiology Concepts
    Chapter 3. Conventional Radiology
    Chapter 4. Ultrasound
    Chapter 5. Computed Tomography
    Chapter 6. MRI
    Chapter 7. Introduction to Nuclear Medicine
    Chapter 8. Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiology
    Part 2. Chest Section
    Chapter 9. Heart and Mediastinum
    Chapter 10. Coronary CTA
    Chapter 11. Lateral Chest
    Chapter 12. Pulmonary Mass Lesions
    Chapter 13. Air Space Disease
    Chapter 14. Interstitial Disease
    Chapter 15. Atelectasis
    Chapter 16. Pulmonary Vasculature
    Chapter 17. Pulmonary Edema
    Chapter 18. Pulmonary Embolism
    Chapter 19. Pneumothorax
    Chapter 20. Miscellaneous Chest
    Chapter 21. Tubes and Lines
    Part 3. Women's Section
    Chapter 22. Breast Imaging
    Chapter 23. Women?s Ultrasound
    Chapter 24. Women's Health Interventions
    Part 4. Abdominal Section
    Chapter 25. Abdominal Calficiations
    Chapter 26. Abdominal Harware and Tubes
    Chapter 27. Abnormal Air Collections of Abdomen
    Chapter 28. Bowel Obstruction
    Chapter 29. Concerning Abdominal Masses
    Chapter 30. Fluoroscopic Evaluation of the Upper GI Tract and Small Bowel
    Chapter 31. Imaging of the Colon
    Chapter 32. Imaging of the Gallbladder
    Chapter 33. Incidental Abdominal Lesion
    Chapter 34. Inflammatory and Infections Bowel Disease
    Chapter 35. Intra-abdominal Lymphadenopathy
    Part 5. Nuclear Medicine Section
    Chapter 36. Nuclear Medicine Cardiac Imaging
    Chapter 37. Gastrointestinal Nuclear Medicine
    Chapter 38. Oncological Nuclear Medicine
    Chapter 39. Pulmonary Nuclear Medicine
    Chapter 40. Skeletal Nuclear Medicine
    Part 6. Interventional Radiology Section
    Chapter 41. Diagnostic Arteriography
    Chapter 42. Pulmonary Arteriography and IVC Filter Placement
    Chapter 43. Percutaneous Nephrostomy Placement
    Chapter 44. TIPS
    Chapter 45. Central Venous Access
    Chapter 46. Interventional Oncology
    Part 7. Musculoskeletal Section
    Chapter 47. Fractures 1
    Chapter 48. Fractures 2
    Chapter 49. Bone Tumor Characteristics
    Chapter 50. Arthritis
    Part 8. Neuroradiology Section
    Chapter 51. CNS Anatomy
    Chapter 52. The Cervical Spine
    Chapter 53. Head Trauma
    Chapter 54. Stroke
    Chapter 55. Headache and Back Pain
    Part 9. Pediatrics Section
    Chapter 56. Pediatric Radiology Pearls.
    Digital Access Springer 2015