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    M. Soledad Cortina, Jose de la Cruz, editors.
    Summary: This book covers the field of keratoprosthesis in detail and focuses specifically on the Boston type 1 keratoprosthesis (KPro), which is the device most widely used today. Extensive information is provided on all aspects of KPro surgery, from history and preoperative evaluation to surgical techniques and postoperative management of complications. Surgical videos are included that will aid both beginning and advanced corneal surgeons in mastering these procedures. In addition, essential basic science concepts relevant to keratoprosthesis surgery are explained, and other keratoprostheses in use around the world are considered. A brief overview of integrating artificial corneas is provided, and the future of keratoprosthesis is also discussed. The book is written by some of the most distinguished and renowned experts in the field.

    Introduction and History Of PKP & KPRO: History of Penetrating Keratoplasty (PKP)
    History of Keratoprosthesis (KPRO) and Artificial Corneas. Anatomic and Physiological considerations: Anatomy and Physiology of the Cornea
    Anterior segment considerations for Keratoprosthesis
    Corneal wound healing and keratoprosthesis
    Overview of Relevant Clinical Disorders and their relation to Keratoprosthesis. Section III. Boston Keratoprosthesis: Materials, Engineering and Specifications of Boston KPRO types I and II
    Indications and Contraindications of Boston KPRO types I and II
    Boston KPRO types I Surgical Techniques
    Corneal and Anterior Segment Imaging Boston KPRO type I
    Boston KPRO type I: Outcomes
    Boston KPRO type I: Complications
    Boston KPRO type I and Glaucoma
    Boston KPRO type I: The role of the Contact Lens
    Boston KPRO type I: Vitreo-retinal Considerations
    Boston KPRO type I: Oculoplastic Complications
    Boston KPRO type I: Management of the Immunocompromised Patient
    Boston KPRO type I: in the Pediatric Age Group
    Prophylaxis and management of Infections in Boston KPRO type I
    Boston KPRO type II: Indications, Techniques, Outcomes and Complication Management
    Boston KPRO types I and II: Future Directions. Other Non-Integrating Keratoprosthesis and Artificial Corneas: OOKP: Indications, Contraindications and Surgical Techniques
    OOKP: Outcomes, Complications and Management
    Korea Seoul Type KPRO: Indications, Contraindications and Surgical Techniques
    Russian KPRO: Indications, Contraindications and Surgical Techniques
    KeraKlear KPRO: Indications, Contraindications and Surgical Techniques
    AlphaCor: Indications, Contraindications, Techniques and Outcomes
    Supradescemetic KPRO, Indications, Contraindications Technique and Outcomes. Integrating Artificial Corneas: Biological Challenges to Ideal Integrated Artificial Corneas
    Integrated Artificial Corneas: Current Developments
    Integrated Artificial Corneas : Future Directions.
    Digital Access Springer 2015