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    volume editors, Matthias K. Widmer, Jan Malik.
    Patient safety: what is it all about? / Schwappach, D.
    Patients with chronic kidney disease : safety aspects in the preoperative management / Malovrh, M.
    What every doctor should know about drug safety in patients with chronic kidney disease / Paparella, M., Martina, V., Rizzo, M.A., Gallieni, M.
    Patient safety in vascular access patients on hemodialysis : contrast agents and renal function / Vogt, B.
    Contrast agents and ionization with respect to safety for patients and doctors / von Tengg-Kobligkl, H., Karal, L., Klinkl, T., Khanichehl, E., Heverhagenl, J.T., Böhml, I.B.
    Cardiac safety in vascular access surgery and maintenance / Malik, J., Kudlicka, J., Tesar, V., Linhart, A.
    Simulation in vascular access surgery / Widmer, M.K., Widmer, L.W., Schmidli, J., Wyss, T.R., Davidson, I.
    Team training to establish a safety culture in dialysis access surgery / Davidson, I., Slakey, D., Widmer, M.K., Nolen, B., Ross, J.
    How to perform safe anesthesia in patients with end-stage renal disease / Seidl C., Eberle B.
    Careful and safe vascular access creation / Wyss, T.R., Widmer, M.K.
    Improving patient safety in vascular access : a role for individualization and patient preferences / Roy-Chaudhury, P., Verma, A.
    How to prolong the patency of vascular access / Glazer S., Saint, L., Shenoy, S.
    Safety issues in surgical and endovascular techniques to rescue failing or failed arteriovenous fistulas and arteriovenous grafts / Lazarides, M., Georgiadis, G., Argyriou, C.
    Vascular access-induced hand ischemia : risks and safe management / Sessa, C., De Lambert, A., Pirvu, A., Palacin, P., Pichot, O.
    Patient safety in peritoneal dialysis / Slakey, D.P., Davidson I.
    Safety aspects in patients on hemodialysis with catheters / Polakovi, V., Lopot, F.
    Nosocomial infections in dialysis access / Schweiger, A., Marschall, J., Trevino, S.
    How to improve vascular access care? / van Loon, M.
    The patient's role in patient safety and the importance of a dedicated vascular access team / Shemesh, D., Olsha, O., Goldin, I., Danin, S.
    Patient safety in dialysis access : education and research / Tordoir, Jan H.M., Widmer M.K.
    Digital Access Karger 2015